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College of Medicine Undergraduate Courses

CourseTitleCrCourse InstructorTerm
MEDS 1000Medical Sciences Freshman Seminar I1BenkertF
MEDS 1001Medical Sciences Freshman Seminar II1BenkertS
MEDS 1010History of Medicine & Technological Innovation3Lieberman, KirleyS
MEDS 2000Medical Sciences Sophomore Seminar I1KramerF
MEDS 2001Medical Sciences Sophomore Seminar II1KramerS
MEDS 2030CBiomedical Sciences Lab Techniques 1GlasserF, S
MEDS 2040Life in Medicine3BeckerS
MEDS 2060Introduction to Database Systems & Applications 3WuS
MEDS 2061Introduction to Medical Informatics3WuF
MEDS 2087Fundamentals of Integrative Health & Medicine 3Sacco/NandyalF, S
MEDS 2088Science & Practice of Mind–Body Medicine 3Cotton/Walker

F, S

MEDS 2089Mental Well-being and Self-Care3McGrawF, S
MEDS 2090Music and Health3Zenk and Weber
MEDS 2091The Philosophy of Yoga3LyleF
MEDS 2092Introduction to Nature Based Therapies & Ecopsychology3WalkerF, S
MEDS 2093Food Literacy Health & Wellness3WhiteF, S
MEDS 3010Special Topics in Medical Sciences1-3TBDTBD
MEDS 3015Independent Study in Medical Sciences 1-3VariesTBD
MEDS 3018Cell & Cancer Biology 3SchochS
MEDS 3020Introduction to Medical Biochemistry3Cartwright, Lieberman, RosevearF
MEDS 3021Fundamentals of Molecular Genetics 3Menon, Wieczorek F
MEDS 3022Human Medical Genetics 3Wieczorek, Menon S
MEDS 3023CStatistics & Experimental Design for the Biomedical Sciences 3Mackenzie F, S, U
MEDS 3024CaMedical Microbiologya3AskewF
MEDS 3025Study Abroad in the Medical Sciences3AskewF
MEDS 3026Medical Physiology 4WorrellF, S
MEDS 3027CMedical Histology3AskewS
MEDS 3030Biomedical Research Rotation 2-6MackenzieF, S, U
MEDS 3040Becoming a Master Physician 3DillerS
MEDS 3050Health & Community: Service Learning Rotation 3cAskew, Larkin F, S
MEDS 3052CInformatics for the 21st Century Medical Professional 3Grant, Burgess, Schick Varies
MEDS 3060Interprofessional Education in Health Sciences & Medicine 1MackenzieF
MEDS 3070Mindfulness Based Interventions - Science, Practice, and Research3MurthiF, S
MEDS 3090Medical Imaging: Science and Application 3HaworthF
MEDS 3091Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine3LyleS
MEDS 4010Neurobiology of Disease2PixleyF
MEDS 4021 Clinical Embryology3LowrieF, S, U
MEDS 4024Mechanisms of Signal Transduction2MillerS
MEDS 4025Chemistry, Structure, and Therapeutic Application of Bio Molecules3RosevearS
MEDS 4026Mechanisms and Pathologies of Memory and Learning3GruensteinS
MEDS 4027 Principles of Biochemistry I 3LiebermanF
MEDS 4028 Principles of Biochemistry II 3LiebermanS
MEDS 4029 Fundamentals of Medical Pharmacology 3KirleyS
MEDS 4030Introduction to Medical Device Innovation3OrenF
MEDS 4031 Inborn Errors of Biochemistry 2LiebermanS
MEDS 4032 Omic Technologies 3RosevearF
MEDS 4038Integrative Gut Health 3NandyalF, S
MEDS 4042 Practice and Community Based Health Research 3–6TBDInactive
MEDS 4047 Neurophysiology & Behavior 2ReyesS
MEDS 4050b Public Health and Infectious Disease in Southern Africab 3BlackardTBD
MEDS 4051 Introduction to the HIV/AIDS Epidemic 1BlackardF
MEDS 4052C Human Anatomy 4Thomas, GiffinF
MEDS 4053 Evidence-Based Public Health 3CarameliTBD
MEDS 4054bExploring Public Health in Ghanab3BlackardTBD
MEDS 4055 Intensive Medical Spanish and Latino Health 3O'Dea, GomezTBD
MEDS 4056Vaccines and Public Health2WeissS
MEDS 4062 Maternal, Fetal, & Neonatal Physiology 3WorrellF
MEDS 4065Principles of Safety Pharmacology2HobbingF
MEDS 4069Pathophysiology3Worrell/IdingS
MEDS 4135Biomedical Ethics I1Bante, Menon, SherronF
MEDS 4136Biomedical Ethics II1Bante, Menon, SherronS
MEDS 5030 Biomedical Research Capstone I 3-6MackenzieF
MEDS 5031Biomedical Research Capstone II 3-6MackenzieS
MEDS 5050 Health and Community Capstone I 3Askew, LarkinF
MEDS 5051 Health and Community Capstone II 3-6Askew, LarkinS
aThis course comprises an optional international travel component
bThis course comprises a mandatory international travel component

Please note: Not all MEDS courses are offered each semester. Students should check Catalyst to see which courses will be offered in the upcoming term.

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