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Fundamentals of Integrative Health and Medicine

MEDS 2087 | 3 credit hours | BoK: Natural Sciences (NS)

Spring semester 2022        Syllabus (PDF)

John Sacco, MD |



This course provides an overview of the basic principles and history of integrative medical and health.  This includes an emphasis on a critical review of the scientific evidence‐based for integrative medicine approaches as they relate to prevention, treatment of chronic disease, and overall wellness.  Students experience a variety of integrative health modalities and a focus on healthy lifestyle as models for disease prevention, treatment of illness, and overall health and wellness promotion.

Learning Objectives

  1. To describe the principle foundations and historical evolution of integrative medicine and health
  2. To critically evaluate the science and evidence‐base for integrative health and lifestyle medicine approaches to overall well‐being and disease prevention
  3. To experience various complementary and integrative medicine modalities as they relate to disease prevention, treatment of chronic illness and the promotion of wellness.

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