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Doctoral & Masters Education

Doctoral & Masters Education serves as the administrative hub for all COM PhD programs, MS programs, professional practice degrees, and Graduate Certificates offered by the UC College of Medicine.


The UC Academic Health Center, together with Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, ranks among America's leading academic health centers. Excellence in education, patient care and research draws students, researchers, physicians and patients from all over the world to take advantage of many unique opportunities.

Between them, the graduate programs at the UC College of Medicine and Cincinnati Children’s provide an exciting and supportive environment for high-level, advanced biomedical research training that prepares its graduates for careers in academic and public sector research, biotech and pharma companies, public policy and education.

Our world-renowned faculty consistently rank in the top 8 percent nationwide for sponsored funding in basic science and clinical research—with over $300 million received annually to invest in cutting-edge research, talented postdoctoral fellows and our cadre of highly promising graduate trainees.

UC College of Medicine and Cincinnati Children’s are nationally recognized leaders in many areas of basic and translational medical research, particularly in cancer biology, cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary biology, environmental health, gastrointestinal and epithelial biology, immunology and infectious diseases (including HIV/AIDS), metabolic disorders (diabetes and obesity), perinatal and early child development, nanomedicine and neuroscience.

Your participation in this research will help contribute to discovering causes and potential cures for diseases such as cystic fibrosis, asthma, heart disease, neurological disorders and cancer. Become a part of the excitement that is UC!


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