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Financial Support & Application Process

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  • Scholars will be employees of the University of Cincinnati. They will have the title of "Visiting Scholar".  The appointment will be for one year only
  • The salary will be $33,000 for the full calendar year (June 1 to May 31st) plus health benefits
  • As Scholars will be paid a salary (rather than a stipend), their compensation will be taxable
  • Scholars are expected to pay for accommodation and other living expenses out of their salary
  • Tuition for required classes will be paid for by the PREP program

The Application Process

  • Applications will be submitted online.
  • The application form will be posted and the submission portal open on December 15th, 2022 for admission to the program starting June 2023.
  • No applications will be accepted after March 30th, 2023.
  • Applications will be reviewed and offers of positions will be made on a first come first served basis. This means the winter break is a good time to work on your application.
  • Applications must be complete before they are reviewed. I.e. we must have all your reference letters so ask for them in good time.
  • Top candidates will be interviewed by the Program Directors by videoconference in February-March.  Offers will be extended to candidates in March-April. 
  • Website finances and applicationTo submit an application you will need:
    (i) A completed application form.
    (ii) An essay (up to 2 pages) describing describing your interest in science, your research interests, and how having a PhD would influence your ultimate career path. You should explain why are you interested in entering a doctoral (PhD) program rather than an MD or professional masters degree program. Also explain why you think you need, and will benefit from a year in a PREP program.
    (iii) A copy of your CV 
    (iv) A copy of your most recent college transcripts. These should include the most recent fall semester. Unofficial transcripts can be accepted. Students who are admitted into the program will be asked to provide official transcript at a later date.
    (v) At least two reference letters.
    (vi) If you have had past research experience, you should submit a brief description (1-3 paragraphs) for each past research project. Note, prior research is not required to be accepted into PREP.

Post Application Process

  • Once PREP Scholars have been accepted into the program, they will work with the Program Directors to identify their top choice of mentors
  • Each Scholar will then interview with potential mentors by videoconference. The interviews will result in a mutual agreement between the Scholar and two mentors for the scholar to rotate in the mentors' labs
  • Scholars will arrive in Cincinnati for a June 1 start date
  • Weeks 1-2 will consist of orientation activities, preparation of individual development plans and an intensive lab course
  • During weeks 3-6 Scholars will spend two weeks working in the labs of their top mentor choices. By week 7 they will pick a mentor and start their year-long research project
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