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Science of the COVID-19 Pandemic (MEDS 3010) Lecture Series

The University of Cincinnati’s undergraduate program in Medical Sciences is excited to offer the course “MEDS3010: Science of the COVID-19 Pandemic” as a publicly available lecture series during Spring 2021. This innovative and timely course was developed by current students and alumni of the Medical Sciences program with the support of Dr. William Miller and Dr. Anil Menon of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. We hope these lectures will serve as an enriching and free resource for members of the Cincinnati, regional, and national community to expand their knowledge of the evolving COVID-19 pandemic. By increasing public knowledge of the COVID-19 pandemic from experts in the clinical, scientific, and humanistic considerations of COVID-19, we hope to lessen the uncertainty surrounding the ever-changing COVID-19 pandemic.

“Science of the COVID-19 Pandemic” features subject matter experts from across UC’s College of Medicine, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and UC Health. Lectures will be live streamed here each Monday from 5:25pm to 6:25pm ET, and lecture recordings will be available on this page following each lecture. Please see below for the full schedule.

Please direct any questions to the student course directors:

Scottie Emmert (, Medical Sciences ‘19, 2nd year MD student

Nora Lakes (, Medical Sciences ‘19, 1st year MD-PhD student

Minh Nguyen (, Medical Sciences ‘19, incoming MD student

Rahul Patel (, Medical Sciences ‘21, prospective MD student

LectureDate      Lecture NameGuest Lecturer
1 M, 1/25Virology & Pathogenesis of COVID-19William Miller, PhD
2 M, 2/1Loss of Taste and Smell in COVID-19Ahmad Sedaghat, MD, PhD
3 M, 2/8Diagnostic Testing for COVID-19Maggie Powers-Fletcher, PhD
4 M, 2/15COVID-19 Vaccine DesignAlison Weiss, PhD
5 M, 2/22Effects of Social Inequality During the COVID-19 Pandemic Tamika C. Odum, PhD
6 M, 3/1Vaccine Trials and Pediatric Manifestations of COVID-19Robert Frenck Jr., MD
7M, 3/8Intensive Care Management of COVID-19 PatientsMichael Hellmann, MD
8 M, 3/15Combating COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Louito C. Edje, MD, MHPE, FAAFP
9 M, 3/22Biomedical Engineering & Lung Ultrasound for COVID-19 Kevin Haworth, PhD
10 M, 3/29Epidemiology and Public Health of COVID-19 Andrew F. Beck, MD, MPH
11 M, 4/5Neurological Manifestations of COVID-19 Pooja Khatri, MD
12 M, 4/12Ethical Decision-Making During the COVID-19 Pandemic Holly Bante, PhD
Catherine Sherron, PhD
13 M, 4/19Targeted Therapeutics for COVID-19 Paul Spearman, MD

MEDS 3010 Lecture Series

Lecture 1: “Virology and Pathogenesis of COVID-19”
Lecture 2: “Loss of Taste and Smell in COVID-19”
Lecture 3: “Diagnostic Testing for COVID-19”
Lecture 4: “COVID-19 Vaccine Design”
Lecture 5: “Effects of Social Inequality During the COVID-19 Pandemic”
Lecture 6: “Vaccine Trials and Pediatric Manifestations of COVID-19”
Lecture 7: “Intensive Care Management of COVID-19 Patients”
Lecture 8: “Combating COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy”
Lecture 9: “Biomedical Engineering and Lung Ultrasound for COVID-19”
Lecture 10: “Epidemiology and Public Health of COVID-19”
Lecture 11: “Neurological Manifestations of COVID-19”
Lecture 12: “Ethical Decision-Making During the COVID-19 Pandemic”
Lecture 13: “Targeted Therapeutics for COVID-19”

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