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Special Topics in Medical Sciences

New scientific discoveries play a critical role in transforming our understanding of health and disease, and in improving heatlthcare. This course is designed as a venue for delivering special topics in contemporary medicine, and the topics offered will vary from year to year based on student and faculty interest. Topics include: current breakthroughs in cancer, clinical advances in microbiology, the business of medicine, and other relevant topics in healthcare. A student can register for the course multiple times provided the topic is new each time. 



Spring 2021

Course # MEDS 3010  |  2 Credit Hours

Course Description & Learning Objectives

This seminar course provides a broad overview of the global COVID-19 pandemic, with topics ranging from basic mechanisms of infection to clinical management to public health and medical ethics. Each weekly lecture will be led by a guest lecturer who is an expert in the respective discipline. Students will be expected to actively participate throughout the discussion by reviewing the assigned pre-readings, formulating well-informed questions, and engaging in short weekly discussion boards prior to each class. This course is ideal for upper-level undergraduates, medical students, and graduate students in the biomedical sciences. An additional and unique objective of this course is to provide recordings of all lectures for public viewing on the website of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine Major in Medical Sciences. We hope these lectures will serve as an enriching and free resources for members of the local, regional, and national community to expand their knowledge of the evolving COVID-19 pandemic.

Course Syllabus_MEDS 3010_ Science of COVID-19_010321

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