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Becoming a Master Physician

MEDS 3040  |  3 credit hours

Spring Semester  |  Syllabus (PDF)

TR 2:00 – 3:20 PM (lectures and discussion sessions; see syllabus for specific times)

Philip Diller, MD PhD | | 513-558-1424

Becoming a Master Physician integrates the art and science of medicine. Topics covered include:

  • The nature of medicine: What is the value, if any, for a student of medicine to study the history of medicine?
  • What are the conceptual models for the art/map of medicine?
  • The physician in five stages
  • What are the fundamentals of doctoring?
  • How do you decide on a career path in academia or in the community?
  • What social responsibility does a physician have to the community?
  • The patient as a person: Spiritual and social dimensions and the person as patient role
  • The physician–patient relationship: The metaphor of the bridge (9)
  • The physician–patient relationship: Structure and function—how does a physician create effective relationships with patients?
  • The medical ethic: Oaths, duties and principles—"The Physician's Stone"
  • Works of care: Defined and introduction to the works of care palette
  • Outcomes of care: The physician's masterpiece and a taxonomy of outcomes—how good outcomes are created, and what are the determinants of the outcomes of care?
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