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Check Your Student Health Insurance Waiver Status

  1. Log into Catalyst
  2. Under ‘My Finances’, on the left hand side click on ‘Student Health Insurance’
  3. Select ‘Health Insurance Waiver status.
  4. You will be required to select the year you are waiving coverage for.
  5. It will state if the waiver is approved or denied.

Student Health Insurance Waiver Denied?

An automated message will be sent from United Healthcare to the student's UC Email which will state the reason for the denial.  Many times additional information is required.   If the waiver deadline has not passed, and your waiver was denied, you may submit an appeal through United Healthcare by emailing  You must include your full name, student ID #, and insurance certificate of coverage in all appeal requests.  If additional information is required, you have 5 business days to submit it.

    Filing an Appeal after the Waiver Deadline

    *The Spring 2024 waiver appeal deadline has now passed.

    Student Health Insurance Waiver Appeal (link)

    Students may file an appeal for a refund of the cost of student health insurance if they failed to do so by the waiver deadline if:

    1. Their policy meets the University’s Board Rule Requirements
    2. Their coverage started at the beginning of the semester for the term in which they are appealing.
    3. The term has not ended for which they are appealing (08/03/24),
    4. They have not utilized benefits of the insurance, and
    5. They have not previously filed and been approved for an appeal

    In addition, students must provide the following required documents, for the appeal to be processed:

    *Insurance ID Card is not acceptable proof of active coverage.

    Required Documentation
    Verification of Coverage Letter Students must submit a dated letter on letterhead from their insurance company stating the following: 1) date coverage began/ended; 2) name of those insured.
    Plan Certificate Documentation showing that the plan meets Board requirements.
    Proof of Access Documentation showing proof of access to care within 50 miles of the University while on campus.

    Please note, that waiver appeal submissions can take up to 30 days to be reviewed and processed by the appeals committee.

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