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Primary Care through University Health Services

University Health Services has two locations.  Please refer to the link for location and hour information: UHS.  A referral is required before seeking non-emergent care or treatment outside University Health Services (UHS) to ensure the highest level of coverage is received through Student Health Insurance.  This does not apply if the insured is more than 50 miles from UHS, receiving out of network coverage, or for ob/gyn or maternity care.  Please call 513-556-2564 for assistance in obtaining a referral or to schedule an appointment.

In-Network Providers

For specialist, or if you are more than 50 miles from campus, or for ob/gyn, or maternity care, you can access a nationwide list of in-network providers by following the link: Find A Doctor.  Please note that Student Health Insurance Plan, is the Choice Plus plan.  You can also create an account to access even more information.

Emergency Room Visits

There is a $150 co-payment (due upon receipt of the emergency room facility’s billing statement) when an insured visits the emergency room. If a call is made to UHS and a verbal referral to the emergency room is obtained from UHS physician (UHS physicians are on call after hours), the $150 co-payment is reduced to $50.  If the insured is admitted to the hospital there is no co-payment. The UHS physicians can be reached at 513-556-2564.

Urgent Care Locations Within 10 Miles of The University of Cincinnati.

Urgent care list (PDF) for when University Health Services is closed.

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