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UC Student Health Insurance Certificate of Coverage

Policy Certificate of Coverage

For detailed coverage benefits please review your UC Student Health Insurance Plan Certificate (PDF) for the 2020 – 2021 policy year.

Please note that this certificate is valid through August 9, 2021.

Policy Benefits - Certificate of Coverage

Below is a list of covered expenses.  Please note that “covered” does not mean that there will not be an out of pocket expense.  Depending on if the care is received from an In-Network or Out-of-Network Provider, and if the proper referral is received, you will have a deductible, and co-insurance that you will be required to pay. 

Please refer to the full certificate of details above, for more detailed information.

Covered Essential Health Benefits for an In-Network Provider, when a proper referral is obtained, are covered at 80% after the deductible, and Out of Network Providers are covered at 60% after the deductible, unless otherwise noted.

Covered Services

Covered Non-Essential Health Benefits

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