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General Eligibility

Students enrolled in a qualifying program, registered for 6 or more credit hours or co-op, are charged the Student Health Insurance premium. If eligible students do not waive or activate coverage they will automatically be enrolled at the end of the enrollment/waiver period.  Students who want to waive Student Health Insurance must have coverage that meets the minimum requirements.

Graduate Students

Graduate students who enroll in less than 6 credit hours are eligible to activate coverage if they are taking at least one credit hour towards their degree or on dissertation. Please note, charges will be added within 3-5 business days

Dependent Eligibility

Eligible students who enroll may also insure their dependents. Family plan coverage is for the full year (8/10 - 8/9).  Once added, dependent coverage cannot be cancelled in the middle of the plan year.   

You will need to manually submit the family plan enrollment form to our office. Please find the form under our enrollment page.

Qualifying Life Event

Students that experience a loss of coverage in the middle of the term, and meet the above requirements are eligible to enroll in coverage as a Qualifying Life Event.

UC Employees

University employees with benefits at the beginning of the term, are exempt, and ineligible for benefits.  Dependents of University employees are NOT exempt from this process, and will be required to submit a waiver, if they meet the eligibility requirements.

Ineligible Programs

Students enrolled in the below list of programs do not qualify to receive the student health insurance and will not be charged the premium.

  • Online Programs (Academic Sub-Plans beginning with an asterisk " * ")
  • College Credit Plus – Main Campus (Academic Plan = NMAT99-CCP)
  • College Credit Plus – Blue Ash (Academic Plan = NMAT28-CCP)
  • College Credit Plus – Clermont (Academic Plan = NMAT34-CCP)
  • Dual Enrollment Program – Main Camus (Academic Plan = NMAT-DEP)
  • Dual Enrollment Program – Blue Ash (Academic Plan = NMAT28-DEP)
  • Dual Enrollment Program – Clermont (Academic Plan = NMAT34-DEP)
  • GCCCU Consortium Program – UGRD (Academic Plan = NMAT-CRST)
  • GCCCU Consortium Program – GRAD (Academic Plan = NMATG-CRST)
  • Senior Audit – Main Campus UGRD (Academic Plan = NMAT40-SA)
  • Senior Audit – Main Campus GRAD (Academic Plan = NMAT40-GA)
  • Senior Audit – Law (Academic Plan = NMAT24-SA)
  • CECH Professional Development – UGRD (Academic Plan = NMAT18-PDU)
  • CECH Professional Development – GRAD (Academic Plan = NMAT18-PDG)
  • CEAS CQU in China Programs (Academic Sub-Plan = EE-CQ or ME-CQ)
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