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UC Student Health Insurance (QLE) Eligibility

Students who have a qualifying life event are eligible to enroll in the student health insurance, but must do so within 31 days of the date of loss of coverage. The student must actively be enrolled in classes at the time of loss of coverage, unless they are on dissertation during the policy year, in order to be eligible and meet all other eligibility requirements.  If you have waived the student health insurance and want to cancel your waiver without a qualifying event, you must do so before the enrollment deadline.

  • Students who have waived coverage, but have now elected to enroll instead (before the end of the enrollment period)
  • Met the age limit of other coverage
  • Loss of coverage due to job loss
  • Loss of coverage due to divorce
  • Attained eligibility after the add/drop period
  • A newborn or newly adopted child
  • A new spouse
  • A dependent who newly arrived in the U.S.
  • Given new responsibility to insure dependent

Please visit our Rates (QLE) page for the prorated cost of your coverage.

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