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Coverage Rates: What am I going to pay for care?


University Health Services (UHS) Rates

University Health Services on campus is the primary care provider for students covered under Student Health Insurance.

For primary care services rendered at UHS:   

Deductible $0 for primary care
Co-Insurance  0% co-insurance for primary care
Preventative Care $0
Dermatology 20% co-insurance, waived deductible
Mental Health 0% co-insurance, waived deductible
DME (durable medical equipment)   Rates vary depending on cost of item.
Prescriptions $15/$30/$60 – tier 1/tier 2/tier 3
Maximum Out of Pocket  $5,000

*A referral is required for services received outside of UHS, unless it is for care received more than 50 miles from campus, or for ob/gyn or maternity care.

In-Network Provider Rates

Please see Out-of-Network rates for services rendered without a proper referral.

When seeing a doctor outside of the University Health Services, your deductible is always due first.  After you have met your deductible, you will have co-insurance amount due, in which when the insurance company will pay a percentage, and you are responsible for the remainder amount, up to a maximum of $5,000.  For some services, in addition to your co-insurance you will also have a co-pay that would generally be due at the time of service.  Please see the plan certificate for full coverage details.

Deductible  $500
Co-Insurance 20%*
Preventative Care  $0
Mental Health 0% waived deductible and co-pay
Prescriptions  20% co-insurance*
Physiotherapy  $35 co-pay + 20% co-insurance
Urgent Care  20% co-insurance*
ER $150** co-pay + 20% co-insurance
**With a referral ER visit co-pay can be reduced-  call 513-556-2564 $50 co-pay + 20% co-insurance
Maximum Out of Pocket  $5,000
 Annual Family Plan Out of Pocket $10,000 

*After deductible is met

Required information for in-network prescription pick-ups:

Group # SI40320
Bin # 012924
PCN # AMER9999


Out-Of-Network Rates

Deductible  $800
Co-Insurance 40% after deductible 
Preventative Care     Not covered
Mental Health  40% co-insurance*
Prescriptions  40% co-insurance*
Physiotherapy 40% co-insurance*
Urgent Care  40% co-insurance*
ER $150 co-pay + 20% co-insurance*
 **With a referral ER visit co-pay can be reduced-  call 513-556-2564 $50 co-pay + 20% co-insurance*
 Maximum Out of Pocket $12,700

*After deductible is met

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