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Steps to Waive Student Health Insurance

  1. Log into your catalyst account under UC Catalyst .  First year students will log in through
    • This must be completed through the student account, not the parent delegated access and through a computer, laptop, or tablet device.
  2. Click on Tasks
  3. Click on To Do list on the left hand side
  4. Click on Student Health Insurance
  5. Click Continue to Selection Page
  6. To waive the UC Student Health Insurance, click Waive
  7. The waive link redirects to the United Healthcare Center.  Ensure that all pop-up blockers are turned off if not automatically redirected.
  8. Step 1 - Personal Information
    1. Update Gender.
    2. Verify that your student email is accurate.
    3. Click NEXT
  9. Step 2 - Waiver Questions
    1. Read through the list of waiver requirements
    2. Answer question 1 - Verify that your insurance meets the listed requirements.
      1. If YES, you are eligible for a waiver
      2. If NO, you are not eligible for a waiver
    3. Answer question 2 - Verify that you understand that the waiver information will be reviewed, and if not verified you will be enrolled in the University Student Health Insurance and responsible for the charge. 
      1. If YES, you are eligible to continue with the process
      2. If NO, you are not eligible to continue with the process
    4. Click NEXT
  10. Step 3 - Insurance Information
    1. You are required to provide your current insurance information:
      1. Member ID
      2. Group #
      3. Policy Holder First Name
      4. Policy Holder Last Name
      5. Policy Holder Date of Birth
      6. Policy Holder Relationship to Student
      7. Policy Holder Gender
      8. Policy Holder Address
      9. Policy Holder City
      10. Policy Holder State
      11. Policy Holder Zip Code
      12. Insurance Company Name
    2. Upload a copy of the front and back of your ID card
      1. A recent verification of coverage letter may also be uploaded if you have previously had issues with a waiver being processed.
    3. Click NEXT
  11. Step 4 - Sign and Submit
    1. Type your name on the signature line to agree to the terms
    2. Click SUBMIT
  12. You will receive an automated response on the screen that the waiver is processing.

Please see detailed instructions with screenshots on steps to waive below:

Steps to Waive Student Health Insurance (PDF)

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    Contact Us

    UC Student Health Insurance
    Phone (513) 556-6868