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Steps to Waive Student Health Insurance

  1. Log into your catalyst account under UC Catalyst (This must go through your student account, not the parent delegated account) 
  2. Under Tasks, click on your ‘To Do’ list
  3. Click ‘Student Health Insurance Waiver’
    1. If the waiver is no longer on your ‘To Do’ list:
      1. Under ‘My Finances’, on the left hand side click on ‘Student -Health Insurance’
      2. Select ‘Health Insurance Waiver Status'.
      3. You will be required to select the year you are waiving coverage for.
      4. Click “continue” and you will be re-directed to the Gallagher web page.
      5. (Go to step 6)
  4. Click Review and Complete
  5. At the bottom of the page click “Waive Student Health Insurance” if you do not want the Student Health Insurance Plan
  6. You will need to check the box to agree to the terms, then click confirm, and then continue.
  7. You will be re-directed to Gallagher’s web page. If you are not re-directed, ensure that your pop up blockers are turned off.
  8. Click on “I want to waive”
  9. You will be required to answer questions and input your information.
  10. You will be provided a confirmation number when the information is complete.
  11. You will receive two emails, one to confirm that they received the information, the second will confirm if the waiver was approved or denied.

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