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Single Student Enrollment

Eligible students will activate their coverage by completing the Student Health Insurance Requirement under their Task list in Catalyst by selecting Activate/Opt-In. If students charged do not activate or successfully waive, they will automatically be have their coverage activated at the end of the enrollment/waiver period.

Please see the Steps to Activate Student Health Insurance (PDF) for detailed instructions to opt-in.

Students who have waived the student health insurance, but need to enroll instead can do so before the end of the enrollment period by filing a Qualifying Life Event enrollment form.

Graduate Students, Opting into Coverage

Graduate students who enroll in less than 6 credit hours are eligible to request coverage, but will not be charged automatically. Students must be matriculated and taking at least 1 credit hour towards their degree.  Students on dissertation in the fall taking 1 credit hour are eligible for spring coverage.

Students must complete the Student Health Insurance Requirement under their Task List by selecting 'Activate/Opt-In'.  By doing so coverage will be activated and the charge added to the account within 7 business days.


Family Plan Enrollment

Students who wish to enroll in family coverage must do so at the beginning of their enrollment for the fiscal year, unless a qualifying event occurs.  Students must complete and return the Family Plan Enrollment request.

Family Plan Enrollment Form PDF

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