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Proteomics Core

The purpose of the CEG Proteomics and Metabolomics Laboratory is to facilitate entry of CEG investigators into the area of proteomics research, and in particular, to promote the application of these proteomics technologies to the study of gene/environment interactions in human disease. 

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  • Ken Greis, PhD;  Associate Professor, Director of Proteomics, Vontz 2306; Biochemistry, proteomics, and biological mass spectrometry
  • Mike Wyder, MS;  Research Associate, Vontz 1214; Biochemistry, sample preparation, and 2-D gel separation
  • Kelly Rask, MS; Research Associate, Vontz 1214; Protein identification by mass spectrometry
  • Wendy Haffey, PhD;  Research Scientist, Vontz 1214; Sample preparation and nanoLC-MS/MS
  • Aruna Wijerantne, PhD; Postdoctoral Fellow, Vontz 1214; Quantitative phosphorylation by mass spectrometry