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Translational Research Support Core

Led by Kelly Brunst, Ph.D. and Jack Rubinstein, MD, the Translational Research Support Core (TRSC) facilitates investigations that enhance "forward and back" translational research of environmental factors in disease causation. TRSC aims are accomplished through expert consultative services in medicine, epidemiology, statistics, exposure assessment, and informatics tools, as well as clinical research conferences that highlight opportunities for translational research in environmental health. Our goals is to accelerate the transfer of basic biomedical knowledge from the laboratory to applications in prevention, early detection, and treatment, including public policy changes toward improved environmental and human health. We provide consultations on environmental epidemiology, data management & sharing (see, e.g., below), and both traditional and cutting-edge statistical approaches, including analysis of microarray and deep sequencing data, in conjunction with the CEG Bioinformatics Core.

Data Management and Sharing (DMS) | Biospecimen Sharing | Training and Resources

Further Resources 

Human Subjects Studies and Human Clinical Trials Research

Navigating ASSIST (MP4): Application Submission System & Interface for Submission Tracking (ASSIST) used by NIH (including NIEHS) and other Public Health Service agencies. Required human subjects enrollment reporting, etc., online workshop with NIEHS specialist Martha Barnes, MS.

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