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Selected Seminars & Videos

Meet the Researcher! 

CEG IAB member

Zalfa Abdel-Malek, PhD (Youtube)

Scientific Rigor and Reproducibility in NIH Grant Applications (2018)

Data & Biospecimen Sharing Workshop (2015 Oct)

  • Introduction: Shuk-Mei Ho, PhD
  • Setting the Stage: The Many Benefits of Sharing: Susan Pinney, PhD
  • Setting the Stage PPT 1 (PDF)
  • Public Repositories for Deposition and Sharing of “Omics” Data: Scott Langevin, PhD
  • Sharing "Omics" data (PDF)
  • Keynote Address: Results in Post-Belmont Era Biomonitoring Studies – Implications for Researchers and Study Participants: Rachel Morello-Frosch, PhD
  • The HOME Study (PDF): Kimberly Yolton, PhD (CCHMC)
  • The Fernald Community Cohort (PDF) Susan Pinney, PhD

Human Biomonitoring: Principles and Best Practices (2014 Dec)

  • Biomonitoring Study Design Principles. Susan Pinney, PhD
  • Archiving Biospecimens (Things to think about!) Jeannette Buckholz, RN, BSN
  • Evaluation survey: Please share your opinion of our biomonitoring videos.

Career Development Core Seminar - Getting Your First “Real” Job: Prep for the Smart and Savvy (2015 Apr 10)

CEG Research Symposium 2014 Oct

  • Bernhard Henning, PhD: Nutritional Modulation of Environmental Pollutant Toxicity: Implications in Public Health
  • Hong Ji : Epigenetic influences of diesel exhaust particles in children
  • Laura Woollett: Effects of PFOA on sterol metabolism and developmental programming
  • Alexey Porollo and Jagjit S. Yadav : Functional Characterization of Genetic Polymorphisms of Human P450 CYP1A1
  • Andra L. Blomkalns : Epigenetic Influence of Short Term High Fat Feeding on Perivascular Adipose Tissue
  • Abby Johnson: Vitamin D Receptor Signaling in the Mammary Epithelium and Adipose Tissue Mediates Pubertal Glandular Development
  • Pheruza Tarapore:  Effects of high-fat diets and Bisphenol A on spermatogenesis
  • Vinothini Janakiram: In utero exposure to bisphenol A and high-fat diet reprograms rat mammary gland
  • Yuhang Zhang : Melanoma, from Microenvironment to Macro environment
  • Esmond Geh: Allergenicity Versus Toxicity of the Cyanobacterial Specie Microcystis aeruginosa
  • Heidi Hsieh: Investigating the Mechanism of Zinc Toxicity in Olfactory Neurons
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