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Funded Projects

For a list of pilot projects funded through the CEG (NIEHS award P30 ES006096) between 2012 and 2020, click here.

Recipients of 2020 CEG pilot funds to date are as follows:

2020New to EHSFrancis X. McCoormack, MDUC COM Internal Med PulmonaryOsteoclast-like Cells in the Pathogenesis of Pulmonary Fibrosis
2020New InvestigatorKelly Brunst, PhDDEPHS EpiFlouride exposure, mitochondrial function and mental health
2020AffinityJagjit S. Yadav, PDDEPHS ToxNanoparticle x Gene Interactions Governing Lung Infection Susceptibility
2020AffinityTesfaye Mersha, PhDCCHMC AllergyGenomics and geospatial analyses of racial disparities in childhood asthma
2020AffinityZalfa Abdel-Malek, PhDUC COM DermatologyA Novel Photoprotective Role of MC1R: Reduction of Solar UV-Induced Oxidative RNA Damage
2020InnovatorChia-I Ko, PhDDEPHS ToxDisruption of pluripotency and differentiation of preimplantation embryonic cells by dioxin exposure
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