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Andreani, Cristina; Bartolacci, Caterina; Persico, Giuseppe; Casciaro, Francesca; Amatori, Stefano; Fanelli, Mirco; Giorgio, Marco; Galié, Mirco; Tomassoni, Daniele; Wang, Junbiao; Zhang, Xiaoting; Bick, Gregory; Coppari, Roberto; Marchini, Cristina; Amici, Augusto 2023. SIRT6 promotes metastasis and relapse in HER2-positive breast cancer. Scientific reports, 13 1, 22000

Yi, Fei; Cai, Chunmiao; Ruan, Banzhan; Hao, Mingang; Yeo, Syn Kok; Haas, Michael; Yang, Fuchun; Zhang, Xiaoting; Guan, Jun-Lin 2023. Regulation of RB1CC1/FIP200 stability and autophagy function by CREBBP-mediated acetylation in an intrinsically disordered region. Autophagy, 19 6, 1662-1677


Bick, Gregory; Zhang, Jasmine; Lower, Elyse E; Zhang, Xiaoting 2022. Transcriptional coactivator MED1 in the interface of anti-estrogen and anti-HER2 therapeutic resistance. Cancer drug resistance (Alhambra, Calif.), 5 2, 498-510


Yang Y, Leonard M, Luo Q, Yeo S, Bick G, Hao M, Cai C, Charif M, Wang J, Guan J, Lower EE and Zhang X. 2021. Functional cooperation between Co-amplfied Genes Promotes Aggressive Phenotypes of HER2+ breast cancer Cell Reports , ,

Hao, Mingang; Yeo, Syn Kok; Turner, Kevin; Harold, Alexis; Yang, Yongguang; Zhang, Xiaoting; Guan, Jun-Lin 2021. Autophagy Blockade Limits HER2+ Breast Cancer Tumorigenesis by Perturbing HER2 Trafficking and Promoting Release Via Small Extracellular Vesicles. Developmental cell, 56 3, 341-355.e5

Yang, Yongguang; Leonard, Marissa; Luo, Zhenhua; Yeo, Syn; Bick, Gregory; Hao, Mingang; Cai, Chunmiao; Charif, Mahmoud; Wang, Jiang; Guan, Jun-Lin; Lower, Elyse E; Zhang, Xiaoting 2021. Functional cooperation between co-amplified genes promotes aggressive phenotypes of HER2-positive breast cancer. Cell reports, 34 10, 108822

Cai, Chunmiao; Bi, Dexi; Bick, Gregory; Wei, Qing; Liu, Hu; Lu, Ling; Zhang, Xiaoting; Qin, Huanlong 2021. Hepatocyte nuclear factor HNF1A is a potential regulator in shaping the super-enhancer landscape in colorectal cancer liver metastasis. FEBS letters, ,

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