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Lab Photos

Dr. Waltz and Lab Group Photo of Carissa Lester Carissa Lester trypsinizes a human breast cancer cell line in the tissue culture hood preparing for an experiment Photo of Brian Hunt Dissertation Waltz lab lunch at Gaslight Grill to celebrate Brian Hunt's dissertation Photo of Biagio's Bistro Group Photo of Waltz lab holiday outing at Biagio's Bistro Photo of Group Photo Group Photo Waltz lab photo at the CRSP summer research symposium Photo of Jillian Covell & Angelle Jones CRSP scholar Jillian Covell stands with her research poster beside her mentor Angelle Jones Photo of Meechi Georgiades Meechi Georgiades presents his Cancer Research Scholar Program (CRSP) summer project Photo of Angelle Jones Angelle Jones prepares syringes for prostate cancer cell transplantation Photo of Levi Fox Master-Mix Levi Fox pipettes a master-mix solution for RT-qPCR at his benchtop Photo of Zhixin Lu Microscope Zhixin Lu checks her cell culture plate under the microscope Photo Waltz Lab The Waltz Lab shows off their (temporary) protein ladder tattoos! Science Rules!
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