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A Message from the Chief Resident

Morning Conference

Welcome to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center Pathology Residency webpage, where you will read an overview of our residency program, review interesting anatomic and clinical pathology cases on a monthly basis, and find great resources about the life in Cincinnati.

UCMC combined AP/CP program offers premier training in a diverse academic medical center. Through our program, residents gain the opportunity to rotate through recognized institutions such as Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Hoxworth Blood Center, in addition to home rotations at UCMC. Our residents gain breadth and depth in numerous subspecialty fields encompassing anatomic and clinical pathology through our carefully crafted curriculum.

Our program recruits residents with a wide range of experiences, skills, and interests from all over the country and abroad. As residents, we are encouraged throughout our training to pursue our individual passions through research, subspecialty electives, teaching opportunities, and away rotations. Faculty mentors are readily available to provide mentorship and guidance throughout the four-year training program, and they actively support resident activities. We are proud to have seen our seniors graduate and go on to excel in a variety of career paths.

Notably, our Diagnostic Laboratory Management (DLM) rotation series for clinical pathology education and subspecialized sign out for anatomic pathology are examples of our uniquely structured and engaging curriculum that sets us apart from other pathology programs.  However, our identifying attributes as a program are not limited to this; there are ever evolving goals in the works! We are always seeking ways to make our residency program stronger, both from an educational and quality of life standpoint, and work closely with our program and hospital leadership to continuously improve.  The faculty in the Department of Pathology are innovative teachers who are committed to the educational experience of trainees. We have award-winning attendings and many of our affiliated pathologists are both nationally and world renowned.  Moreover, our dedicated support staff make our jobs enjoyable, allowing us to function as happy and productive pathologists in training.

Excitingly, we have just launched our official social media representation on Twitter! An amazing and enjoyable account to follow. The account displays teasers of the case of the month, high-yield board shotgun learning points and the latest updates about our program, and more.

Finally, one of our program’s strongest attributes is the close-knit group of residents who create a robust support system during the challenging years of residency. Outside of work, we often spend time together exploring Cincinnati, whether exploring the newest restaurants in the cultural Over-The-Rhine neighborhood, visiting the Cincinnati zoo, or celebrating life events such as birthdays. We are pleased to tell you that Cincinnati has incredible diversity in terms of culture, education, family, music, and outdoor activity.

We are very excited about our program and would be happy to tell you more. Please feel free to contact us with questions or comments.




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