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Surgical Pathology Rotation

Gross Bench_Specimen ReviewRotation Director: Jiang Wang, MD, PhD

The Surgical Pathology service at University of Cincinnati Medical Center (UCMC) averages approximately 23,000 cases a year, representing a well-balanced mix of oncologic and medical specimens from all major organ systems. UCMC surgical pathology is subspecialized and is divided into Breast, Gynecology, Gastrointestinal, Head and Neck, Skin/Soft tissue, Lung, Genitourinary, Liver, and Medical Kidney services. Residents spend a total of 13 months in surgical pathology and rotate through the different rotations in two-week blocks. High-volume services are rotated on individually, whereas low-volume services may be combined during upper level rotations. All services operate as “single-day” cycles, in which residents preview, sign-out, and gross all in one day. In general, cases are available for resident preview in the morning, with attending sign-out and grossing occurring later in the day. Graduated responsibility is employed, with expectations for numbers of cases previewed and “written up” depending on experience level. By the fourth year, residents are expected to function as a fellow or junior attending, previewing and accurately writing up all cases. With regard to grossing, residents are responsible for grossing the majority of resection specimens assigned to a particular service. Importantly, residents receive focused and dedicated grossing training during the first two months of the residency program, ensuring exposure to a large variety of specimen types. Lastly, residents are provided graduated responsibility in multidisciplinary tumor boards. Residents only cover a tumor board if it occurs on their respective rotation, with upper-level residents both preparing for and presenting at the conference.

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