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Dr. Bui at VAMCRotation Director: Aisha Sethi, M.D. 

Length of rotation: 4 rotations (each divided into 4-week blocks)


General: The VAMC receives approximately 6,000 surgical pathology specimens each year, which are divided among four full-time Board Certified pathologists. We follow a two-day cycle, in which each specimen is received and grossed the same day, followed by slide preview and sign-out the following day. This rotation provides an opportunity for exposure to routine cases, alongside rare, interesting cases. We believe in graduated responsibility, dependent on the PGY level of the rotating resident. The resident will receive a mid-rotation and final summative evaluation that accommodates individualized feedback. Ultimately, we work toward our common team goal of producing excellent pathologists upon completion of training.

Grossing and Microscopic skills: We perform one-on-one teaching on the grossing bench with the assigned surgical pathologist. Prior to grossing a specimen, the appropriate technique for grossing is discussed with the pathologist, and the pathologist will review the gross specimen with the resident. We receive a wide spectrum of cases including, but not limited to, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, dermatopathology, and gynecologic specimens. The two-day cycle allows the resident the opportunity to follow the case from the onset of grossing, to previewing the slides and to final sign out.  This process allows the resident to workup each case (including application of immunohistochemical stains) and writing the pathology report with relevant accompanying synoptic reports. This approach enables the resident to follow the case from start to finish with the attending pathologist in real-time for a holistic learning experience. 

Frozen sections: The resident will accompany the pathologist to cover frozen sections. The resident will perform the sampling, inking, staining, and microscopic review of the frozen section with the pathologist, thus providing an entirely hands-on training experience to the resident.

Autopsy: The resident will help perform each autopsy with the diener and the attending pathologist. The resident is given the opportunity to write the autopsy report during each stage of the process (including preliminary and final forms) and sign out the microscopic findings with the attending pathologist.


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