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Hamilton County Coroners OfficeRotation Director: Karen Looman, MD


This four week rotation is served at the Hamilton County Coroner’s Office. Teaching is under the direction of board-certified forensic pathologists who assume the responsibility for directing the residents’ training in all areas of the forensic autopsy. Specifically, this includes demonstrating performance of forensic autopsies, the legal implications of post-mortem findings, and handling of evidentiary materials, including toxologic materials.

Residents perform a variety of forensic autopsies under the supervision of the faculty, including suicidal gunshot wounds, motor vehicle accidents, and other accidental deaths not typically encountered in a hospital setting. Residents assist in the external examinations and review microscopic slides for sign-out with the assigned faculty physician on the case. Residents are also taught how to formulate cause of death statements for death certification. 

In addition to performing autopsies, residents participate in a variety of activities that provide a full experience of the duties of a forensic pathologist. These activities include observing a faculty physician testify in court and accompanying a deputy coroner to a crime scene investigation.


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