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Pediatric Pathology

Dr. Lopez and Salibindla at Childrens HospitalRotation Director:
Oscar F. Lopez-Nunez, M.D.

Participating Faculty: Lara Berklite, MD, Anas Bernieh, MD, Kevin Bove, MD, Daniel Leino, MD, Jennifer Picarsic, MD, Sarangarajan Ranganathan, MD, Rachel Sheridan, MD, Jerzy Stanek, MD, Sara Szabo, MD, Katherine VandenHeuvel, MD, Jill Waymeyer, Autopsy Tech, Amy Fortener, PA, Cheryl Talbott, PA.

The pathology resident rotation at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital aims to expose residents (both junior and senior) to all aspects of pediatric surgical pathology, cytopathology and autopsy. The Hospital is a tertiary referral hospital and sees a large number of rare, complex and second opinion cases from all organ systems. The department divides cases amongst five services, called “benches”: Rapid/Urgent Surgicals (1st bench); routine surgicals, including large resections (2 nd bench); GI1/Cyto (3rd bench); GI2/Cyto (4th bench), and Autopsy (5th bench). Residents at all levels are expected to preview cases before attending sign out, which is on a same-day system. Residents assist with autopsies whenever possible, and also gross unique pediatric specimens with the Pathologists’ Assistants. Residents are also asked to present (with guidance) at interdepartmental conferences, departmental conferences, and unknown slide sessions.

Surg Path at childrens hospital
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