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General Neurology Division

The General Neurology Division focuses on disorders of the brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles throughout the body. Together they control all the workings of the body and the mind. 

Academic Overview

All neurology residents rotate with the general neurology faculty in the specialty clinic rotation.  

Areas of Expertise

The neurologists at the University of Cincinnati have extensive expertise to treat all types of general neurology conditions.  

Many people come to see a neurologist without a specific diagnosis, but with a symptom or problem that could be caused by a complication in the nervous system. Symptoms may include problems with weakness, numbness or loss of feeling, vision, hearing, speaking, swallowing, balance, dizziness or vertigo, movement, thinking, memory, behavior and mood, headache, or pain in the body or limb, to name some common complaints.

A neurologist sorts through these symptoms by getting a detailed history and performing a neurologic examination that may help to provide a diagnosis. Alternatively, primary care physicians may diagnose a person with a neurologic condition that requires specialized care. Our general neurologists provide recommendations regarding specific diagnosis, the need for further testing and treatment options. 

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