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Frequently Asked Questions

What conditions are treated at UHS?

UHS offers comprehensive clinical services to students enrolled at the university.  Services are led by a primary care team composed of physicians and advanced practice providers.  Your clinicians work closely with UHS counseling and psychiatry providers, specialty clinicians, registered nurses, medical assistants, laboratory and x-ray imaging staff, and the UHS pharmacy.

Routine care includes the following:

  • Establishing care with a Primary Care Provider
  • Sexual Health
  • Urgent visits
  • Sick visits
  • Procedures
  • Immunizations
  • Chronic conditions/follow up management
  • Specialist referrals
What if I have a medical emergency?

Emergency conditions, such as severe bleeding, stroke or sudden dizziness and loss of vision, are considered an emergency. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 or go directly to University of Cincinnati Medical Center Emergency Department or your closest Emergency Department.

What if I have a mental health emergency?

If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please contact the following:

  • CAPS 24/7 Crisis Hotline, 513-556-0648
  • UC Psychiatric Emergency Services/Mobile Crisis, 513-584-8577
  • Talbert House 24-Hour Crisis Hotline, 513-281-CARE (2273)
  • Call "988" for the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline 
Can I receive allergy injections at the UHS?

Not currently.  Resources in the community include:

What if I need medical attention after UHS is closed?

For non-emergency issues, please call our after-hour line at 513-556-2564.

How do I make an appointment?
  • Call 513-556-2564 during business hours.
  • If you have an active UC Health MyChart, you can message the office to request a visit.  
How will I know if my insurance is accepted at UHS?

UHS accepts most insurances.  It is the student/parent’s responsibility to check with their insurance company to verify coverage. Since UHS serves only enrolled students of the University of Cincinnati, you will not find UHS listed on any “how to find a provider” insurance web site. UHS will be listed as University of Cincinnati Physicians Company. If your insurance plan pays to University of Cincinnati Physicians Company and you are the subscriber for your student’s plan, then you can be seen using your insurance coverage at UHS.  Please verify with your insurance plan what your copay, deductible, coinsurance or out of network benefits will be.

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What is covered under the UC Student Health Insurance Plan?

UC Student Health Insurance covers primary care, including women's health, medically necessary lab tests, immunizations, and x-rays when services are provided at the Varsity Village and/or Holmes locations.  In addition, mental health visits are covered at a $0 co-insurance for most services.  The UHS Pharmacy is located at Varsity Village where you can receive prescriptions at a reduced rate.


  • Medical conditions that require treatment by a specialist require a referral from a UHS provider.
  • If you are seen in an emergency department, you are required to contact UHS to obtain a referral for that visit and any specialist the treating ED physician refers you to.

For more information about UC Student Health Insurance:

Can my parents access my medical information by calling UHS?

No. Due to HIPAA regulations, you will need to give written permission for your parents to access your medical information.

Release of information forms can be requested through UC Health:

How can I access my own medical records?

You may access your health information through UC Health MyChart.  This portal allows you to communicate with your doctor, request prescription refills, and access test results.  Sign up here:

If you have problems signing up for UC Health MyChart, please call 513-585-5353 or 513-475-8000.

I need more information about the Immunization & Health Screening Requirement.
  1. I'm not sure if the requirement applies to me, how can I determine if I should submit my immunization documentation?

    All students except those in a designated "Distance Learning" program are required to submit immunization documentation. However, ALL Health Sciences students must meet the immunization requirements, even if in a Distance Learning program.

  2. I am an international student.  Does this requirement apply to me?

    Yes, all incoming international students are subject to immunization and health screening requirements. 

  3. I will be a new student living off-campus. Will I still need to meet the immunization requirements?

    Yes, you will be required to have the same vaccinations as all new students.  

  4. I am at UC Blue Ash or UC Clermont. Does this requirement apply to me?

    All incoming UC Blue Ash and UC Clermont students must comply with this policy and will be required to submit immunization records to the Bearcats Health App.

  5. How/why did you choose these vaccines?

    University health officials review national guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American College Health Association and consult with medical and public health experts. The UC immunization requirement is consistent with those vaccines already required by the State of Ohio for Grades K-12 students.  

  6. Are there any exemptions/exceptions to this requirement?

    UC’s non-Health science students may apply for a vaccine exemption if their provider determines that an immunization would be detrimental to their health. A note from a medical provider is required to apply. Non-Medical exemptions require a Notary Public to notarize.  Detailed instructions are available on the secure Bearcats Health App portal.

  7. What happens if I cannot find my immunization records?
    1. First check with your current physician or health care provider for your immunization records. 
    2. Next check with your parents/guardians.
    3. Call your high school to see if they have a record of your immunizations.
    4. If you are still unable to locate your records, there are several options to consider including having blood tests to verify immunity or receiving an age-appropriate primary series or booster dose. You should discuss your specific circumstances with a health care provider.
  8. Can I get the required immunizations at UHS?

    Yes, the vaccines and tuberculosis testing are available at UHS.

  9. Are these immunizations covered by insurance?

    Since these vaccinations are considered preventive care, all should be covered by your health insurance plan if it is Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant. The UC Student Health Insurance Plan covers these vaccinations.  Please contact your private health insurance plan for questions regarding your benefits and coverage.

  10. Do Housing students have additional vaccination requirements?

No, all non-health science students have the same Immunization requirements. However, an institution of higher education shall not permit a student to reside in on-campus housing unless the student (or the student’s parent if the student is younger than 18 years of age) discloses whether the student has been vaccinated against meningococcal disease and hepatitis B by submitting a meningitis and hepatitis B vaccination status statement. Reference:

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