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Frequently Asked Questions

Student Immunization & Health Screening Requirement

How do I submit my proof of vaccination?

UC has contracted with an external agency, Med+Proctor, to track and verify student’s immunizations and health screenings. Upon matriculation you will be invited to submit your documentation from Med+Proctor. The invite will be sent to your UC email address.

I didn't receive an email invite from Med+Proctor. What should I do?

The email invite may take 5 - 7 business days. Don't forget to check your spam mail. Then, if you are sure that you did not receive one, please contact by email:  

I'm not sure if the requirement applies to me, how can I determine if I should submit my immunization documentation?

All students except those in a designated "Distance Learning" program are required to submit immunization documentation.

I am an international student.  Does this requirement apply to me?

I will be a new student living off-campus. Will I still need to meet the immunization requirements?

Yes, you will be required to have the same vaccinations as all new students.  

I am at UC Blue Ash or UC Clermont.  Does this requirement apply to me?

All incoming UC Blue Ash students and all incoming UC Clermont students must comply with this policy and will required to submit immunization records to Med+Proctor.

Why are there health screenings for tuberculosis (TB)?  

  • Many different factors can put someone at higher risk for tuberculosis infection.  The American College Health Association recommends universal screening of college students (including those without symptoms).  By screening for those risk factors, early treatment can begin for an infected individual and potential spread of an infection to others can be limited.  
  • On our campus, TB screening will be done through a few questions.  If you answer “YES” to any of those questions, then you will be required to undergo TB testing through a simple blood test or skin test. 

How do you define “incoming”?

  • An incoming student is any degree-seeking student who is newly enrolled in a major/program and attending the University of Cincinnati campus, UC Blue Ash campus or UC Clermont campus.  Some examples may include changing major/programs, newly enrolled graduate programs even if you were on campus as an undergraduate, or transferring to main campus.

How/why did you choose these particular vaccines?

  • University health officials reviewed national guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American College Health Association and consulted with medical and public health experts.
  • The UC immunization requirement is consistent with those vaccines already required by the State of Ohio for Grades K-12 students.  

Are there any exemptions/exceptions to this requirement?

A student may submit an application for exemption if the medical provider determines that immunization would be detrimental. Religious exemptions require verification by the student’s religious leader.  Detailed instructions are available on the secure Med+Proctor portal.

What records do I need to prove my vaccination status?

You must download, print, and submit the appropriate University of Cincinnati form found on the secure Med+Proctor portal.  The form must be filled in and signed by a licensed healthcare provider, and then uploaded back to the secure Med+Proctor portal.

What can you tell me about (Impact SIIS)?

  • If you were vaccinated in Ohio, you can call your pediatrician office or the health department. Many Ohio records have been transferred to (Impact SIIS) Statewide Immunization Information System.  All pediatrician offices and the health department have access to Impact SIIS, from there they can check to see if your childhood vaccines are on file.
  • If you were not vaccinated in Ohio, try contacting a health department in your state and ask them if they have access to the SIIS system.
  • Check the contact list for Immunization Information Systems (IIS) by state provided by the CDC.

What happens if I can’t find my immunization records?

  • First check with your current physician or health care provider for your immunization records. 
  • Next check with your parents.
  • Call your high school to see if they have a record of your immunizations.
  • If you are still unable to locate your records, there are several options to consider including having blood tests to verify immunity or receiving age-appropriate booster doses. You should discuss your specific circumstances with a health care provider. 

Can I get the required immunizations at UC?

Yes, all of the vaccines and tuberculosis testing are available at University Health Services. University Health Services accepts most private insurance, in addition to the campus Student Health Insurance Plan.

Are these immunizations covered by insurance?

Since these vaccinations are considered preventive care, all should be covered by your health insurance plan if it is Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant. The University-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan covers these vaccinations.  Please contact your private health insurance plan for questions regarding your benefits and coverage.

What happens if I don’t submit proof of immunizations or complete the TB screening/testing?

  • Students who are not immunized are at risk for developing the communicable disease in the event of an outbreak.
  • Students who have not shown proof of immunization may be asked to leave campus and not attend classes in the event of an outbreak (until the outbreak is over).
  • You will continue to receive notifications from Med+Proctor until you have completed your immunization requirements.
  • The immunization requirement will remain on your Catalyst “To-do” list until you have completed your immunization requirements.

Additionally, if a student is not compliant with the UC immunization requirements and/or tuberculosis screening process, the student may not be permitted to register for classes for the subsequent term.

Where can I find out more information?

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