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Insurance & Charges

Charges are assessed for services performed at University Health Services.  The amount owed will be determined by the services provided and the patient’s benefits.

To identify the cost of a specific service, test or procedure, contact UC Health for an estimate at 513-418-2678. You can call Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. 4:30 p.m or visit their website

Private Insurance

University Health Services accepts most insurances.  It is the student/parent’s responsibility to check with their insurance company to verify coverage. Since UHS serves only enrolled students of the University of Cincinnati, you will not find UHS listed on any “how to find a provider” insurance web site. UHS will be listed as University of Cincinnati Physicians Company. If your insurance plan pays to University of Cincinnati Physicians Company and you are the subscriber for your student’s plan, then your student can be seen using your insurance coverage at UHS.  Please verify with your insurance plan what your copay, deductible, coinsurance or out of network benefits will be. 

Tax ID: 311405915 | Group NPI: 1801840434

Student Health Insurance

Primary care, including women's health, medically necessary lab work, and x-ray through UHS is covered at no cost when utilizing your student health insurance benefits.  In addition, mental health visits are covered at a $0 co-insurance for most services.  There is also a pharmacy on campus where you can receive prescriptions at a reduced rate.


  • Medical conditions that require treatment by a specialist require a referral from a University Health Services provider.
  • If you are seen in an emergency department, you are required to contact UHS to obtain a referral for that visit and any specialist the treating ED physician refers you to.

For more information about UC Student Health Insurance please see the UC Student Health Insurance web site.

Student Health Insurance Contact Information:; (513) 556-6868


Students are able to pay at the time of service at UHS.  We accept cash, check and credit cards. 

For any outstanding account balances after insurance has been processed, students will not receive a bill directly from UC Health. All outstanding balances will be moved to the student’s bursar account, per the authorization form that was signed prior to services. Click here to view the form.

In order to utilize your HSA account, you will need to pay at the time of service. You are unable to use your HSA account once the bill is turned over to your UC Bursar account. 

Billing Questions

Visits at University Health Services will be billed through UC Health.  The charge may appear on your MyChart account, before being transferred to your UC Bursar account.

Please call UC Health Patient Financial Services at 1-800-271-0781 or locally at 513-585-6200, for assistance with billing questions.

UC Health Patient Financial Services
3200 Burnet Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45229

Please note without a signed consent medical release form, UHS or UC Health can only talk to the student about their charges.

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