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Master of Public Health - Biostatistics Concentration

The study of biostatistics involves the usage of statistical methodologies that are tailored to analyze data to determine the cause of illness and injury, detect health trends, analyze risk factors, plan interventions or evaluate statistical data for clinical trials. The UC MPH Biostatistics concentration provides training in advanced statistical methods, regression models, logistical and generalized linear models, data manipulation, visualization, data mining techniques, and both clinical and observational studies design. This program prepares students for positions such as a statistical consultant, a data analyst, or a project manager in health-related organizations such as pharmaceutical companies, state and federal health care organizations, research establishments focusing on clinical trials, statistical consulting companies, and academic establishments requiring biostatistical support.

All UC MPH concentrations are science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) designated. The classification of instructional program (CIP) code used for the UC MPH Program is 51.2202.

MPH-Biostatistics Concentration Competencies

Upon completion of the MPH degree in the Biostatistics Concentration students will be able to:

  1. Construct a public health and biomedical research question and convert it into a mathematically sound and statistically testable hypothesis.
  2. Analyze and interpret data from various studies including clinical trials, observational studies and public health surveys.
  3. Apply various statistical models to address various types of data structures and outcome measures.
  4. Adaptively utilize different strength of statistical packages in computation.
  5. Interpret statistical results and findings appropriately and accurately.
  6. Develop written and oral presentations to communicate complicated statistical concepts and results to medical and public health researchers and practitioners, community partners and policymakers effectively.

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