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Social Justice & Public Health Special Interest Group

Social Justice & Public Health Special Interest Group is an opportunity for students to discuss topics related to social justice, equity, and diversity in public health. Get to know your peers, gain knowledge through thoughtful discussion, and learn from diverse perspectives. In addition, the special interest group provides students the opportunity to be informed of current and important public health and social justice literature, learn more about research methodology and community health approaches, and consider key aspects of health equity while fostering leadership skills.

Group Guidelines:

  • Participation is voluntary (but it is highly encouraged to gain the most benefit from attending).
  • Be vulnerable, be courageous, be curious, be kind and thoughtful.
  • Listen to understand, not respond. Please be respectful to others.
  • Keep confidentiality and don't tell others stories.
  • All should have the opportunity to participate in the discussion so please be mindful and allow others to give their perspectives.

To become a member or learn more about upcoming events, please go to our CampusLink site.

Meeting Details:

Special Interest Group meets one Friday per month at 11:30 am. All students are welcome. The group format consists of guest speakers, movies, articles, and discussions on current events.  If there is a topic you would like to suggest for an upcoming meeting or if you would like to help facilitate, please email Dr. Burbage at

Group Facilitators:

  • Michelle Burbage, PhD; Assistant Professor, Public Health Sciences Division
  • Ardythe Morrow, PhD; Professor, Epidemiology Division
  • Kruti Chaliawala, PhD student; Health Education
  • Katie Hallinan, MPH student; Public Health Sciences Division
  • Rose Thoroughman, MPH student; Public Health Sciences Division
  • Erin Clark, DO; Occupational and Environmental Medicine resident physician and MPH student; Public Health Sciences Division
  • Shelby Alderman, undergraduate student; Public Health Bachelor Program

Photos from SIG Events:

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