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MPH Program Curriculum

For future students, and students admitted Fall 2019 semester or later.

The University of Cincinnati MPH degree curriculum consists of a minimum of 42 credit hours of coursework involving:

  • MPH Core Courses (19 credit hours)
  • Concentration Required Courses and Elective Courses (Minimum 18 credit hours)
  • Applied Practice Experience (APE) (2 credit hours)
    Students will complete a total of 120 supervised hours under the direction of an approved preceptor at a public health agency, healthcare related agency, or associated health and human services agency. The site will be selected by the student from a listing of available, approved sites within their concentration of choice and must be approved by the course director.
  • Integrated Learning Experience (ILE) (3 credit hours)
    Students must choose between a Capstone or Thesis option to fulfill this requirement.
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