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The UC College of Medicine houses several research core facilities designated as core service centers. These facilities exist within multiple departments but are collectively supported by the College of Medicine Office of Research through the Associate Dean for Research Core Facilities: Ken Greis, PhD. (; Tel: 513-558-7102).

The service center designation signifies the rates charged by each of these facilities have been reviewed and approved by the UC Government Cost Compliance Office; thus, the service fees can be charged to federal grants and contracts. Details related to the services offered and the internal rates for each of the cores are provided below. Since these rates are substantially subsidized by the University, external investigators should contact individual core directors to get a rate quote.

Resources to offset some of the cost of the core services may be available through a variety of centers and institutes across UC depending on an investigator’s affiliation. Information for support from the CCTST is provided here:

UC invesitgators also hvae full access to shared resource cores at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Details are provided here:

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Fernald Database and Biospecimens Service

Mission: To provide a mechanism for sharing data and biospecimen from a large longitudinal cohort as a resource to researchers for approved studies.
Description:  The Fernald Community Cohort consists of the 9782 persons who were enrolled in the Fernald Medical Monitoring Program (FMMP)(1990-2008). The comprehensive examinations conducted as part of the Fernald Medical Monitoring Program (FMMP) began in the autumn of 1990. The FMMP provided 9,782 initial examinations and 42,775 re-examinations over 18 years. An extensive computerized database and biospecimen repository was created to provide research resources for future studies. All questionnaire, examination and diagnostic procedure data collected from the FMMP were coded by certified medical record coders, double entered with verification into a SAS database on site of the examinations. Cryo-preserved blood and urine samples were collected at enrollment and at various intervals throughout follow-up.  At the first examination three 1-ml aliquots of whole blood, plasma, serum, urine and urine with buffer were obtained from each participant (15 aliquots per person) for future analyses.  Additional whole blood and serum was obtained in 1996-1997 and 2006-2008. Specimens have been stored in minus 80 degree freezers; over 160,000 biospecimens are in the archive. More information about the cohort and the “Access to Data and Biospecimen Policy” and application form can be found at

Data Preparation (per project)
Biospecimens (per Sample/Specimen)
Medical Records (per Record)
Research Consultations - Research Director (per Hour)
Research Consultations- Data Analyst (per Hour)
Research Consultations- Research Coordinator (per Hour)
Research Consultations - Clinical Research Assistant (per Hour)
Aliquot (per Sample)
Pass through- Supplies/ Postage (Pass through cost)
Fernald Database and Biospecimens Service Center Services
Past projects

A list of projects that have used Fernald Community Cohort Data and Biospecimens

Medical Heritage Project


Analysis of Laboratory Data


Lung Cancer Family Registry


Standardized Prevalence Ratio Analysis of Chronic Conditions, and Analysis of Selected Laboratory Tests, in Participants of the Fernald Medical Monitoring Program


Develop Yearly and Cumulative Radon Exposure Estimates to Former Fernald Workers, as well as Obtaining Their Smoking History.


Kidney Function of Persons with Contaminated Wells


Spatial Relationship Between 22 Urinary System Cancers and Likely Sources of Environmental Exposure in the Fernald Exposure Domain.


Breast Cancer Risk Factors and Mammogram Findings


Birth Weight and Sex Ratio in Offspring of FMMP Participants


Comparison of Women Who Do & Do not adhere to Healthcare recommendations


Develop new Statistical Techniques to Derive Reference Intervals


Cytogenetic Studies of Participants of the Fernald Medical Monitoring Program


Computer Modeling of Exposure Plumes and Linkage of Exposure Level Estimates with Geographical Points of Residence. (Add. to The Epidemiological Study of Cancer Incidence in FMMP Participants)


Patterns and Practices of Using a Cistern as a Drinking Water Source to Develop Exposure Metrics. (Add. to The Epidemiological Study of Cancer Incidence in FMMP Participants)


Incident Cancer of the Lung, Female Breast, Prostate, Urinary System and Malignant Melanoma


How 3 Age Groups Perceive the Effect the Program has had on the Overall Health and Well-Being of Their Lives and Their Community.


Effect of Uranium on DNA Replication


Role of Uranium in Mutagenesis of the PDK1 Gene in Autosomal Dominate Polycystic Kidney Disease


Fernald Area Cisterns and Wells:What is Known and What Do We Need to Know?


Incidence of Leukemia and Lymphoma in Participants in the Fernald Medical Monitoring Program. (Add. to The Epidemiological Study of Cancer Incidence in FMMP Participants)


Predictors of Screening Mammography Outcomes


Characteristics of Patients with Colorectal Cancer Among Participants of Fernald Medical Monitoring Program


Perceived Health Status of FMMP Participants Before and One Year Following the Initial Examination.


Genetic Epidemiology of Lung Cancer Consortium (Genotyping of controls)


Effect of Change in Body Weight on Prostatic Specific Antigen Level


Head-and-Neck Cancer and Search for Genetic Polymorphisms (genotyping of cases and controls)


Cellular Markers of Uranium Stress


Association Between Serum Bilirubin and Cancer


Beta-2-microglobulin and Body Mass Index in Residents Living Near a Uranium Plant in Fernald, Ohio


Metabolic Syndrome and Chronic Disease Morbidity and Mortality in the FMMP Population


Natural History of Obesity without Surgical Intervention


In Search of Earlier Diabetic Signs in "Under-Threshold Ranges"


Methods Study of Breast Density Assessment from Digitalization of Old Mammographic Films and that from FMMP Mammorgaphy Codes


Analysis of Urine Albumin and Urinary Beta2 Microglobulin Data


The Association of CD 14 levels with the Development of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm


The Cancerous Effects of Ingesting Uranium Contaminated Water as a Child


Development of children in the Fernald Medical Monitoring Program (FMMP)


Collection conditions and reference intervals for using Beta-2-microglobulin (B 2M) as a biomarker of renal function


Mammographic breast density as a risk factor for Breast Cancer: Environmental and Genetic Determinants


Oxidative stress and prostate cancer, a prospective analysis


Kidney Function and Damage in Fernald Medical Monitoring Program Participants Exposed to Uranium


The Influence of Perceived Uranium Exposure on Health Perception


Exposure Biomarkers of Polyfluoroalkyl Compounds in Persons Living in the Ohio River Valley


Pre-Existing Maternal Constitutional Factors, The Missing Link Between Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes and Cartiovascular Disease


Reproductive History Data Analysis


Uranium Exposures in a Community near the Fernald, Ohio Weapons Production Facility: Relationship with Hypertension and Hematologic Markers


Investigation of the association between lifetime sun exposure and benign neoplasms of the bowel and other health concerns


Allelic variants and DNA damage response in the Fernald Study Group


A longitudinal analysis of thyroid stimulating hormone levels and weight in the Fernald Medical Monitoring Program (FMMP)


A longitudinal analysis of thyroid stimulating hormone levels and intake of dietary and drinking water nitrate in the Fernald Medical Monitoring Program (FMMP) cohort


Comparison calculated BMI's and Stunkard Figures of self and parents


Spirituality Data


Assessment of Archived blood specimens for nucleic acid quality and quantity


Verification of serum sPLA2-lla as a biomarker for lung cancer


Investigating the Comorbid Medical Illnesses associated with Migraine, Tension type and Other Headached Disorders.


Outline Various Types of Statistical Analyses That Could be Performed and the Required Resources


Clinical Study, M-Vu Mammography CAD Algorithm Engine


VuComp-M-Vu Clinical Study


Placental latogen in breast cancer


Autoimmunity and Rheumatologic Disease in Community Residents Near a Uranium Plant at Fernald


Clinical, Environmental and Genetic Factors related to Variable Response to Oral Anti-Diabetic Medication


Verification of serum sPLA2-lla as a biomarker for prostate cancer


OPNc, a marker for cancer progression


Tobacco Smoke Exposure Health Effects


Secretory Phospholipase A2-llA Levels in Patients with Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer


Mechanism behind multiparity-induced obesity


Frequency of Diagnoses in the FMMP Database


Hypothyroidism and cancer risk


Uranium Exposure and Autoimmune Thyroid Disease Near the Fernald Processing Plant


Autoimmune disease and /or autoimmune-related biomarkers in a cohort occupationally exposed to Libby Amphibole


Exposure to Radon and Sunlight and the Riskof Melanoma


Probing for Endometriosis Associated Serum Diagnostic Markers in the Fernald Community Cohort


Uranium Exposure and Pregnancy Outcomes in the Fernald cohort


Adult health effects associated with perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) exposure


The role of fibrinogen in abdominal aortic aneurysm


Exposure to BPA and Cardiac electrical alterations in the FMMP population


Identifying environmental exposures associated with inflammation and breast density using targeted and non-targeted metabolomics


Incidence and Prevalence of Breast Neoplasm Amoung Women Chronically Exposed to Low-Level Ionizing Radiation


Urine biomarkers for urological diseases


Perfluoroalkyl substance exposure to children living in the Mid-Ohio Valley in 1991-2008, body size and cholesteroal fractions


Project Title

Last Name

Does Exposure to Environmental Radiation Affect the Frequency of a Pregnancy Ending in Fetal Loss, Spontaneous Abortion, Still Birth or Ectopic Pregnancy?


Archived Biospecimens

~~As of September 30, 2016, we have 159,645 banked biospecimens in six -80 C freezers.
Number of 1.0 ml aliquots (in 1.5 ml polypropylene cyrovial) banked per person at different times and total number of aliquots.
Examination/Year Blood Serum Plasma Urine (unbuffered) Urine (buffered)
Initial exam (mostly 1991-1994) 15 15 15 15 15
Second exam  2 2  
2006 (just those with cancer diagnoses) 3    
2007-2008 exam (urine only on a portion of the cohort) 3 3  3 3
Total aliquots remaining in freezer1 (not distributed) 32,990 48,139 36,179 21,017 20,940
1 An additional 380 DNA aliquots are banked in the freezers

Aliquots are stored in six -80 C freezers, with polypropylene boxes stored within metal racks, which improves temperature stability when the freezer is opened. 

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