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MEDS 4029 | 3 credit hours

Spring Semester | Syllabus (PDF)

Roger T. Worrell, Ph.D & Jared T. Iding

Pathophysiology is a single-semester, 3-credit-hour, lecture-based course designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the function, regulation, and integration of human body organ systems in the disease state. Emphasis is placed on a functional understanding of the dysregulation of homeostatic mechanisms and the corresponding manifestations of disease processes. The course is primarily textbook-based. MEDS3026 Medical Physiology and MEDS3027C Medical Histology are prerequisites for this course. Course content includes principles of cell injury, cell growth adaptations, inflammation and repair, neoplasia, and diseases of all major organ systems, with a review of pertinent fundamental concepts from the disciplines of biochemistry, genetics, physiology, pharmacology, microbiology, histology, and human anatomy. Links to online textbook sources will be provided. Final grade is based primarily on the results of 3 exams. The course will include written assignments

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