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The Cancer Biology Seminar Series

This weekly seminar series features lectures  by local, national, and international cancer researchers invited by the Department of Cancer Biology. Unless indicated otherwise, all seminars take place from Noon to 1:00 p.m. in the Rieveschl Auditorium at the Vontz Center for Molecular Studies. For more information, please contact Pilar Ramos-Richey at or 513-558-7379.

Rieveschl Auditorium @ the Vontz Noon to 1:00pm

Contact Info: Pilar Ramos-Richey (513) 558-7379

August 29th
                                                      Special Seminar
Mauro Poggio, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California San Francisco
Title: “Unique Modes of PD-L1 Regulation Reveal Novel Strategies for Tumor Immune Evasion
September 5th
Jordan Althoff, CCB Graduate Student, Dr. Jose Cancelas’s Lab
Title: "Cytoplasmic Yap1 Signaling Is Required for Polarity-Based HSC Fate and Fitness"

Caterina Bartolacci
, PhD, Post-Doc, Dr. Pier Paolo Scaglioni’s Lab
Title: "FASN Imposes a Targetable Metabolic Dependency on Mutant KRAS Lung Cancer"
September 12th
                                                      Special Seminar
Zhong-bin Deng
, PhD
Assistant Professor, Brown Cancer Center, University of Louisville
Title: "Collaborating With the Gut Immune System and Extracellular Vesicles to Fight Colon Cancer"
September 19th
Ren Xu, PhD 
Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology & Nutritional Sciences, Markey Cancer Center, University of Kentucky
Title: "Targeting Extracellular Matrix Network Blocks Breast Cancer Progression"
September 26th
Maddie Niederkorn, CCB Graduate Student, Dr. Dan Starczynowski’s Lab
Title: "A TIFAB-USP15 Complex Regulates Hematopoietic Progenitor Function under Genotoxic Stress and in MLL-AF9-induced Acute Myeloid Leukemia"

Clay Lewis, PhD, Post-Doc, Dr. Vladimir Bogdanov’s Lab
Title: "The Clotting System and Chronic Liver Disease: A Novel Plasma Panel to Assess Severity"
October 3rd
Mary Bedard, MSTP/CCB Student, Dr. Susa Wells’ Lab
Title: "Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis"

Pranjal Sarma, PhD, Post-Doc, Dr. Dave Plas’s Lab
Title: "S6K1 and S6K2 Networking With the AXL Tyrosine Kinase in PTEN-deficient Glioblastoma"
October 10th
Frank Furnari, PhD
Professor, University of California, San Diego
Title: "Leveraging PTEN Nuclear Function for Therapeutic Intervention in Glioma"
October 17th
Ritama Paul, CCB Graduate Student, Dr. Jun-Lin Guan’s Lab
Title: "Role of FAK in a Basal-like Mammary Tumor Mouse Model"

Cristina Andreani, PhD, Post-Doc, Dr. Pier Paolo Scaglioni’s Lab
Title: "Epigenetic Mechanisms of Acquired FASNi Resistance in Mutant KRAS Lung Cancer"
October 24th Enfu Hui, PhD
Assistant Professor, University of California, San Diego
Title: "How Anti-PD-1 Differs From Anti-PD-L1:  A Cell Biology Perspective"
October 31st
Jose Javier, CCB Graduate Student, Dr. Marie-Dominque Filippi’s Lab
Title: "Increased TGF-signaling Drives Bone Marrow Failure After Acute Inflammatory Stress"

Mingang Hao, PhD, Post-Doc, Dr. Jun-Lin Guan’s Lab
Title: "Exploring The Role of Autophagy in ERBB2-driven Breast Cancer"
November 7th
David Reardon, MD
Clinical Director, Center for Neuro-Oncology, Medical Oncology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Title: "Neoantigen Vaccination: Getting Personal for Cancer Immunotherapy"
November 14th
November 21st
Vivienne Woo, PhD Candidate, Dr. Theresa Alenghat’s Lab
Title: “Commensal Bacteria Host Defense by Enhancing Retinoic Acid Signaling"
***START TIME: 12:30 PM

Join us after the Seminar for the 2019 Cardell Fellowship Award Ceremony and Reception in memory of Robert Cardell Jr., PhD in the Atrium of the Vontz Center for Molecular Studies Building
November 28th
December 5th Andrew Lane, PhD
Professor, University of Kentucky
Title: "Metabolism in the Tumor Microenvironment"

December 12th
Styliani-Anna E. Tsirka, PhD
Professor, Stony Brook University School of Medicine
Title: "Neuropilin 1: a Modifier of the Immune Landscape in the CNS"
December 19th
December 26th

The William J. Larsen Distinguished Lecture Series

This is an annual seminar to honor the memory of William J. Larsen, PhD. Each year, the invited speaker is a leader in the field of developmental biology.

The Cincinnati Cancer Symposium Series

This annual symposium features an international panel of renowned experts in a specific, timely topic in cancer research. 

CCB Faculty Seminar Series

This seminar series provides an opportunity for CCB faculty members to share their research and receive feedback from their colleagues. It meets twice a month and attendance is limited to CCB faculty and selected senior postdocs.