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Cancer Biology Research Symposiums


Past Symposiums & Retreats:

2022 Sub-Cellular Dynamics in Cancer

Date: Friday, October 14

View the Agenda 2022
View the Event Poster 2022

2021 Cancer Therapeutics and Resistance Mechanisms Symposium

Date: Friday, October 29

View the Agenda
View the Event Poster

2020 Tumor Microenvironment Symposium

Date: Friday, October 16

View the Agenda

2019 Cincinnati Cancer Research Symposium

Date: Thursday, November 14

View the Agenda

2018 Jensen Symposium: Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Discovery of Estrogen Receptor

Date: Friday, November 2

View the Agenda

2017 Cincinnati Cancer Research Retreat

Date: Friday, November 3

View the Agenda

2016 Jensen Symposium: Breast Cancer

Date: Thursday, November 3 & Friday, November 4

View the Agenda
View the Event Poster

2015 Cancer Biology & Hematology/Oncology Joint Departmental Retreat

Date: Saturday, November 14

View the Agenda

2014 Cancer Biology Department Retreat

Date: Saturday, November 8

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