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About Cancer Biology

Cancer Biology Faculty and Students

The Cancer Biology Department is the home of a dynamic, collaborative and highly interactive faculty with cutting-edge research programs that span a wide range of cancer-related topics.

Every new discovery and success in our laboratories—big and small—is putting our dreams of eradicating (or controlling) cancer closer than ever to reality. We hope you will join us in our fight against cancer through basic and translational research at this most opportune and exciting time.

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Recent Publications

Graduate Students

The following publications have been recently published by Cancer Biology faculty:

  • Smith, Molly A; Choudhary, Gaurav S; Pellagatti, Andrea; Choi, Kwangmin; Bolanos, Lyndsey C; Bhagat, Tushar D; Gordon-Mitchell, Shanisha; Von Ahrens, Dagny; Pradhan, Kith; Steeples, Violetta; Kim, Sanghyun; Steidl, Ulrich; Walter, Matthew; Fraser, Iain D C; Kulkarni, Aishwarya; Salomonis, Nathan; Komurov, Kakajan; Boultwood, Jacqueline; Verma, Amit; Starczynowski, Daniel T. 2019. U2AF1 mutations induce oncogenic IRAK4 isoforms and activate innate immune pathways in myeloid malignancies. Nature Cell Biology.
  • Huang, Huilin; Weng, Hengyou; Zhou, Keren; Wu, Tong; Zhao, Boxuan Simen; Sun, Mingli; Chen, Zhenhua; Deng, Xiaolan; Xiao, Gang; Auer, Franziska; Klemm, Lars; Wu, Huizhe; Zuo, Zhixiang; Qin, Xi; Dong, Yunzhu; Zhou, Yile; Qin, Hanjun; Tao, Shu; Du, Juan; Liu, Jun; Lu, Zhike; Yin, Hang; Mesquita, Ana; Yuan, Celvie L; Hu, Yueh-Chiang; Sun, Wenju; Su, Rui; Dong, Lei; Shen, Chao; Li, Chenying; Qing, Ying; Jiang, Xi; Wu, Xiwei; Sun, Miao; Guan, Jun-Lin; Qu, Lianghu; Wei, Minjie; Müschen, Markus; Huang, Gang; He, Chuan; Yang, Jianhua; Chen, Jianjun 2019. Histone H3 trimethylation at lysine 36 guides m6A RNA modification co-transcriptionally. Nature, 567 7748, 414-419
  • Xu, Yichen; Poggio, Mauro; Jin, Hyun Yong; Shi, Zhen; Forester, Craig M; Wang, Ying; Stumpf, Craig R; Xue, Lingru; Devericks, Emily; So, Lomon; Nguyen, Hao G; Griselin, Alice; Gordan, John D; Umetsu, Sarah E; Reich, Siegfried H; Worland, Stephen T; Asthana, Saurabh; Barna, Maria; Webster, Kevin R; Cunningham, John T; Ruggero, Davide 2019. Translation control of the immune checkpoint in cancer and its therapeutic targeting. Nature Medicine.
  • Su, Rui; Dong, Lei; Li, Chenying; Nachtergaele, Sigrid; Wunderlich, Mark; Qing, Ying; Deng, Xiaolan; Wang, Yungui; Weng, Xiaocheng; Hu, Chao; Yu, Mengxia; Skibbe, Jennifer; Dai, Qing; Zou, Dongling; Wu, Tong; Yu, Kangkang; Weng, Hengyou; Huang, Huilin; Ferchen, Kyle; Qin, Xi; Zhang, Bin; Qi, Jun; Sasaki, Atsuo T; Plas, David R; Bradner, James E; Wei, Minjie; Marcucci, Guido; Jiang, Xi; Mulloy, James C; Jin, Jie; He, Chuan; Chen, Jianjun 2018. R-2HG Exhibits Anti-tumor Activity by Targeting FTO/m6A/MYC/CEBPA Signaling. Cell, 172 1-2, 90-105.e23
  • Yang, Yongguang; Leonard, Marissa; Zhang, Yijuan; Zhao, Dan; Mahmoud, Charif; Khan, Shugufta; Wang, Jiang; Lower, Elyse E; Zhang, Xiaoting 2018. HER2-Driven Breast Tumorigenesis Relies upon Interactions of the Estrogen Receptor with Coactivator MED1. Cancer Research, 78 2, 422-435


Latest News/Events

Congratulations to Tom Cunningham, PhD!

7/1/19: Dr. Cunningham, Cancer Biology assistant professor, has been awarded an NIH R35 Maximizing Investigators' Research Award (MIRA) for Early Stage Investigators from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS).  His five year grant entitled "Defining the biological roles of PRPS isozymes in normal and diseased settings" will focus on defining the mechanisms responsible for regulating nucleotide metabolism in normal and disease settings.

Congratulations to Xiaoting Zhang, PhD!

6/27/19: Dr. Zhang has been promoted to the rank of Professor in the Department of Cancer Biology, effective 9/1/19. 

Kudos and Welcome to Cancer & Cell Biology Graduate Program’s Incoming Class of 2019!

We are excited for 8 first-year students and 3 Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) students to begin their PhD studies over the summer.
1st Year Students
Megan Bischoff
Leah Everitt
Makenzie Fourman
Grant Hagedorn
Chiharu Ishikawa
Julianna Korns
Austin MacMillan
Zhiyun Yu
MSTP Students
Joshua Bennett
Stanley DeVore
Phillip Witcher