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Liver Transplant Protocols/Guidelines

Note: These protocols/guidelines are for reference only; implement based on the specific clinical circumstances. Scroll down to see all documents


UC Transplant_Splenectomy Vaccines_March 2021 (ppt)

Abdominal imaging_November 2020_wiki (pdf)

Liver Living Donor

Post Donation_Clinic Laboratory and Clinical Info Schedule_Feb 2021_wiki (pdf)

Liver Care Plan_DONOR_Sept 2020 (pdf)


UC_Liver_tobacco cessation_April 2024 (pdf)

GLP1 and SGLT2_Sept 2023_wiki_V2 (pdf)

DCD guideline_Mar 2024 (pdf)

CAD algorithm_May 2023 (pdf)

Metastatic Colorectal_Feb 2023_wiki (pdf)

cholangioca.protocol_Jan 2023_wiki (pdf)

BONE HEALTH_November 2021_wiki (pdf)

Intraheaptic Cholangio_September 2021_clean (pdf)

LIVER TXP WORK UP ONE PAGE_October 2020 (pdf)

Guidelines For Simultaneous Liver Kidney Transplant SLKT Feb 2020 (docx)

Pre-Transplant Tests And Vaccinations Feb 2020 (pdf)

Vaccines Recommendations Pre-Transplant Candidates Oct 2019 (pdf)


UC SOT_Donor culture guidelines_Nov 2023 (pdf)

Choledochoduodenostomy Guideline_September 2023_wiki (pdf)

Liver Care Plan_Recipients of Deceased and Living Donors_ August 2023 (pdf)

Split liver guidelines_November 2020_wiki (pdf)

Liver Transplant Hyperglycemia Protocol Feb 2019 (pdf)

Liver Transplant Hyperglycemia Protocol Feb 2019 One Page Summary (pdf)


LTx and HBV Guidelines_May 2024 (pdf)

LTx_Prophylaxis_April 2024 (pdf)

UC Liver ISP_May 2023 (pdf)

CNI and mTOR Immunosuppressant Recommendations with Paxlovid CoAdministration_Dec 2022 (pdf)

UCMC_CMV SOT_Treatment_November 2021_wiki (pdf)

UC_Rejection_Aug 2021_clean (pdf)

MTOR conversion_April 2021_wiki (pdf)

HCV Treatment_CON MED guide_June 2020 (pdf)

PG 248 Management GHVD Post Solid Organ TX 6 18 (pdf)

Vaccine Recommendations Post Transplant Recipients Oct 2019 (pdf)

Marijuana Use In TX Recipients April 2020 (pdf)

Vitamin D Aug 2015 (docx)


UCMC_LTx POST_Clinic and Lab Schedule_Nov 2023 (pdf)

UC_Liver_monitoring_HCC_August 2022_wiki (pdf)

UC_Metastatic Colorectal CA_post LTx monitoring_Sep 2021 (pdf)

UC_intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma_post LTx monitoring_Sep 2021 (pdf)

UC_Cholangiocarcinoma_post LTx monitoring_Sep 2021 (pdf)

UC_Liver IRD_applies to LTx prior to 3.1.21_July 2021_wiki (pdf)

UC_Liver_monitoring_RCC donor _November 2020_wiki (pdf)

UC_Liver_monitoring_RCC recipient_November 2020_wiki (pdf)

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