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Liver Transplant Protocols/Guidelines

Note: These protocols/guidelines are for reference only; implement based on the specific clinical circumstances. Scroll down to see all documents


UC Transplant_Splenectomy Vaccines_March 2021 (ppt)

Abdominal imaging_November 2020_wiki (pdf)

Liver Living Donor

Post Donation_Clinic Laboratory and Clinical Info Schedule_Feb 2021_wiki (pdf)

Liver Care Plan_DONOR_Sept 2020 (pdf)


CAD algorithm_Aug 2020_wiki (pptx)

LIVER TXP WORK UP ONE PAGE_October 2020 (pdf)

DCD liver guidelines_June 2020_wiki (pdf)

Guidelines For Simultaneous Liver Kidney Transplant SLKT Feb 2020 (docx)

Pre-Transplant Tests And Vaccinations Feb 2020 (pdf)

Cholangioca Protocol Aug 2018 Wiki (pdf)

UC Liver Tobacco Cessation Dec 2019 (pdf)

Vaccines Recommendations Pre-Transplant Candidates Oct 2019 (pdf)

Osteoporosis March 2012 (docx)


Split liver guidelines_November 2020_wiki (pdf)

UC SOT_Donor culture guidelines_July 2020_clean (pdf)

Liver Care Plan_Recipients of Deceased and Living Donors_July 2020_clean (pdf)

Liver Transplant Hyperglycemia Protocol Feb 2019 (pdf)

Liver Transplant Hyperglycemia Protocol Feb 2019 One Page Summary (pdf)


UC_Rejection_Jan 2021 (pdf)

LTx and HBV Guidelines_November 2020_wiki (pdf)

LTx_Prophylaxis_September 2020_clean (pdf)

HCV Treatment_CON MED guide_June 2020 (pdf)

PG 248 Management GHVD Post Solid Organ TX 6 18 (pdf)

MTOR Conversion April 2019 Wiki (pdf)

UCMC CMV SOT Treatment July 2019 (pdf)

UC Liver ISP September 2018 (pdf)

Vaccine Recommendations Post Transplant Recipients Oct 2019 (pdf)

Marijuana Use In TX Recipients April 2020 (pdf)

Vitamin D Aug 2015 (docx)

OPTN Policy 8 Kidney Safety Net Post-LTX Oct 2019 (pdf)


UC_Liver IRD_applies to LTx prior to 3.1.21_clean (pdf)

UCMC_LTx POST_ Clinic and Lab Schedule_Mar 2021_clean (pdf)

UC_Liver_monitoring_RCC donor _November 2020_wiki (pdf)

UC_Liver_monitoring_RCC recipient_November 2020_wiki (pdf)

UC_Liver_monitoring_HCC_September 2020 (pdf)

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