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Kidney Transplant Protocols/Guidelines

Note: These protocols/guidelines are for reference only; implement based on the specific clinical circumstances. Scroll down to see all documents

Pre-Transplant/Peri Operative

UC SOT_Donor culture guidelines_July 2020_clean (pdf)

Vaccines Recommendation Pre-Transplant Candidates Oct 2019 (pdf)

Operative Guidelines Kidney Transplant Recipients (Deceased and Living Donor) Jan 2018 (pdf)

Care Plans

Deceased Kidney Care Plan Aug 2019 (pdf)

Living Kidney Care Plan Aug 2019 (pdf)


HLA identical guidelines_Oct 2020_wiki (pdf)

UC Living Kidney ISP Oct 2018 (pdf)

Belatacept Conversion Guideline March 2019 (pdf)

UC Deceased Kidney ISP Oct 2018 (pdf)

Belatacept And Plasmapheresis Guideline Jun 2018 (pdf)

Post-Transplant Management

AMR Guideline_Oct 2021 (pdf)

Treatment of Kidney Tx Rejection Guidelines_Belatcept based ISP regimen_Oct 2021 (pdf)

Treatment of Kidney Tx Rejection Guidelines_CNI based regimens_Oct 2021 (pdf)

UC Transplant_Splenectomy Vaccines_March 2021 (ppt)

Infectious Prophylaxis_Kidney and Kidney after Pancreas_Oct 2020_wiki (pdf)

Leukopenia management guidelines_March 2014 (pdf)

UCMC CMV SOT Treatment Jul 2019 (pdf)

Vaccine Recommendations Post-Transplant Recipients Oct 2019 (pdf)

Marijuana Use In TX Recipients Apr 2020 (pdf)

Post-Transplant Monitoring

DSA monitoring_post Tx_Oct 2021 (pdf)

UC_Kidney and Pancreas_Treatment and Monitoring_Donor HBV_Oct 2021 (pdf)

UC_Kidney and Pancreas_IRD_applies to Txp prior to 3.1.21_clean (pdf)

UC_Kidney and Pancreas_Treatment and Monitoring_Donor HCV_March 2021_clean (pdf)

Post Transplant Clinic 0-1 years Schedule_March 2021_clean (pdf)

Hoxworth HLA Lab Orders Apr 2019 (pdf)

UC Kidney Monitoring RCC Recipient Aug 2015 (pdf)

Post-Transplant Care 1-3 Years Jun 2016 AC (pdf)

Living Donor

Operative Guideline Hand Assisted Laparoscopic Living Donor Nephrectomy Jan 2018 (pdf)

Donor Care Plan Aug 2019 (docx)


UC Transplant_Splenectomy Vaccines_March 2021 (ppt)

COVID-19 Recommendations_April 2021 (pdf)

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