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Finding Meaning in Medicine

Learning how to sustain yourself and thrive in a medical career is critically important. Studies show the rate or physician burnout is at an all time high.

In an effort to combat resident burnout and promote wellness, our residents created our own Finding Meaning in Medicine group. 

Finding Meaning in Medicine is an initiative initially created at the Institute for the Study of Health and Illness "to help physicians nationwide build authentic and supportive community" through monthly meetings "using a simple and powerful storytelling approach to uncover and deepen a sense of professional satisfaction in daily work."

As a resident, you will have the opportunity to participate in our FMM meetings with physicians at all levels of training (interns, residents, fellows, attendings) and gather together in a supportive environment to reflect and share your experiences about your values, your humanity, and the meaning you find in your work in medicine.

Meetings are informal, off campus (usually at a member’s home), and are each centered around a theme chosen by the group. Previous themes have been Gratitude, Loss, Mystery, and Love.

If you participate, you will find that the sharing and discussion with your colleagues can uncover the meaning you find in your work in medicine and can remind you of the wonders of our profession, even during difficult circumstances that threaten to strip away empathy.

"There are no experts, no hierarchies, no wrong answers; anyone may speak about his or her experiences or simply listen" (NYT opinionator blog).

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