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ABC (Ambulatory Boot Camp)

Most of your first year in our program will be inpatient-based, and we want you to focus on this work.

In order to get you ready for your Ambulatory Long Block in the second year we have created the Ambulatory Boot Camp (ABC).

The ABC (Ambulatory Boot Camp) immerses you in the ambulatory center. You learn the skills needed to join a high functioning ambulatory micro-system. ABC Sample Schedule (PDF). This experience consists of three parts:

1. Learning – You will spend four half-days per week in small group learning sessions to learn skills and knowledge essential for practice in the outpatient setting. You will learn how to function efficiently within the outpatient EMR system, how to use high-value communication techniques during outpatient visits, and how to best utilize the support staff within our ambulatory practice (nurses, medical assistants, pharmacists, diabetes educators, and social workers). You will also have an introduction to the management of outpatient preventative care and common outpatient problems such as hypertension, diabetes, chronic pain, musculoskeletal complaints, depression, and obesity.

2. Serving– You will spend four half-days per week in clinic managing acute and follow-up visits. The patients you see will already have an established primary care resident or faculty member in the practice, and you will serve them as if they were seeing you in an urgent care center. 

3. Assessing and Reflecting – You will be assessed on your new skills obtained during ABC to ensure your readiness for the Ambulatory Long Block. You will also learn from the current Long Block residents before they hand over their patient panels. We call this the Column of Care -- each resident in the Long Block hands their entire patient panel to the resident who follows the next year.

Long Block is all about developing continuous healing relationships. ABC gets you ready.

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