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Photo of Current Residents Chiefs 2020-2021

A Welcome From the Chief Residents

We are very proud to welcome you to University of Cincinnati’s Internal Medicine Residency! We want to invite you to explore our website and hope that it will answer many of your questions about the quality of training, education, and people here at UC. One of the parts that we are most proud of is the culture that permeates this residency – it was a vital part of all of our decisions to pick UC, and we are excited to continue perpetuating this culture of excellence, comradery, and diversity over the course of our chief year.

Our program is founded on a strong dedication to excellent patient care, innovative medical education, and unconditional support for each other. We have a culture of seeking out and acting on resident feedback to  improve every aspect of the program. Because we request detailed feedback often, every resident is provided a platform to influence residency decisions and is enthusiastic about its improvement. The comradery within the program is palpable, and it creates a unique and nurturing environment where residents are invested in each other’s learning. Residency can be challenging but when surrounded by people who believe in teamwork and support everyone around them to succeed, it can prove to be some of the best and most fun years of one’s training. This is what we believe UC provides. And a strong desire to continue this culture of learner growth and development is why we chose to become chiefs.

Picking “the right” residency program is neither simple nor easy. The tangibles of curriculum, location, reputation are important, but equally important are the abstracts of each residency’s underlying style and culture of practice. The comfort and inspiration one feels when hanging out with the residents or when conversing with the faculty is irreplaceable. These subtle lessons in humanity and personal connection during one’s training can shape a resident’s perspective on learning and education for the rest of his or her career. We believe we have something special here at UC’s Internal Medicine residency program and are eager to share it with you. Everyday, we are inspired by our residents who are dedicated to delivering excellent patient-care, self-directed learning, and master teaching. We hope to meet you and show you what our UC IM family is all about!

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(Photo L to R) Scott Call, Saavia Girgla, Sydney Schacht, Molly Hillenbrand, Annie Wehry

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