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Quality Improvement Pathway (IMPACT - Improving Metric Performance Analysis for Clinic Transformation)

If you are interested in improvement sciences and want to learn more about how to make things better you can join our improvement pathway.

In 2018 we created the IMPACT (Improving Metric Performance Analysis for Clinic Transformation) group during the Ambulatory Long Block.

IMPACT uses real data from the practice to improve the care we deliver is driven by these Mission/Vision/Values:

  • Mission: Advance healing and reduce suffering (this is also our health system's mission statement)
  • Vision: To use data to empower ourselves and our patients to improve outcomes
  • Values: We make a positive difference

You will be mentored by improvement experts, and learn which tools to apply to which problem.

We work primarily with the Model for Improvement, a powerful methodology that improves the care our patient receive.

Our resident training practice has more clinical practice data than most other practices (resident, faculty, or otherwise) than any in the nation.

Although we are a safety net practice, our performance is often among the best in the medical center.

For an example of an improvement project done in our residency check out this article. Of note, the resident who led this project (first author on the paper) is now one of the most important improvement experts in the medical center. He got his start in our residency -- check out his most recent work at improve care here (COPD bundles) and

here (COVID-19 system redesign).

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