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Preliminary Year

Our preliminary year is for people who want high quality and meaningful training in internal medicine prior to beginning a core specialty program.

Over the past decade we have prepared preliminary residents for anesthesiology, neurology, dermatology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, ophthalmology, psychiatry, radiology, and occupational medicine.

As a preliminary resident, you will rotate through the same clinical experiences as categorical residents, but have more elective time (depending on specialty and career path).

You can tailor your experience to your needs, including specialty electives (e.g. dermatology, radiology, ophthalmology) that you design with your mentor.

In addition, if you wish, we can help you engage in research projects within the department or your chosen specialty.

A significant number of our preliminary residents stay within University of Cincinnati Medical Center for their core programs, and this represents a tremendous advantage with regard to comfort with system and colleagues.

From a current resident in our program:

"When considering where to apply for my preliminary year, I had to refocus on what aspects of a program were important to me and my training. I wanted a program that would challenge me in an environment where I was fostered and pushed to achieve my full potential. I wanted to be surrounded by clinicians and educators who not only provided excellent patient care, but who also were driven and excited to teach. Finally, I wanted to have the resources and grow a medical knowledge foundation for continuing into my subspecialty. of physical medicine and rehabilitation. Throughout the rankings and considerations. University of Cincinnati continued to be at the top of my list to give me everything I desired in a program. Having started my preliminary year at the University of Cincinnati, I could not be more happy with my choice."

-- Christa Nnoromele PGY-1

From a recent graduate of our preliminary year:

"When applying for preliminary medicine program, I was seeking an experience that would prepare me for the rest of my medical career. The University of Cincinnati’s Preliminary medicine program benefited me in many ways, but three aspects in particular stand out to me now as I am progressing through my specialty training. First, UC’s clinical environment and learner driven curriculum will build a robust foundation of medical knowledge that is useful regardless of eventual specialty. Second, UC’s patient population will present unique situations that require complex problem solving and critical review of primary literature which will ultimately increase capacity and confidence in independent decision making. Finally, the program’s emphasis on patient centered rounding builds experience communicating with patients on their level. I did not fully appreciate the benefit of my preliminary year at UC until I had moved on to my residency program, but I quickly found the breadth of my general medical training, experience with unfamiliar situations and improved bedside manner tremendously beneficial."

-- Luke Lewis (radiation oncology)

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