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Amit Bhattacharya, PhD


  • Doctoral Degree: University of Kentucky

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  • CPE BCPE, 1993, Certified Professional Ergonomics
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Ross, Jennifer A; Shipp, Eva M; Trueblood, Amber B; Bhattacharya, Amit 2016. Ergonomics and Beyond: Understanding How Chemical and Heat Exposures and Physical Exertions at Work Affect Functional Ability, Injury, and Long-Term Health. Human factors, 58 5, 777-95

J. Sullivan, M. Schulz, K. Vemaganti, A. Bhattacharya, B.J. Jetter, V. Shanov, N. Alvarez, Jay Kim 2015. Carbon Nanotube Fabric Cooling System for Firefighters and First Responders: Modeling and Simulation Journal of Fiber Bioengineering and Informatics , 8 1, 1

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