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Imaging Matters Newsletters

Imaging Matters Cover Website Imaging Matters is a publication for alumni, current employees and friends of the UC Department of Radiology.

 Please send comments and story ideas for editor, Clint Bramkamp, at or call 513-558-6089.

 Current Issue: 

 August 2021

 May 2021

Class of 2025 09.17 (pdf)

UCF - August Summary_FY22 (pdf)

UCF - August Detail_FY22 (pdf)

9.17.2021 UC CAR Weekly Newsletter (pdf)

9.17.2021 Disparities in OD Deaths - AJPH (pdf)

2021 PRP Flyer.pptx (1) (pdf)

Lab Research Professional Award_2021 (pdf)

Clinical Research Professional Award_2021 (pdf)

Antepartum Fetal Surveillance 2021 update (pdf)

Fellow and Residents Inclusion Champion (pdf)

Fellow and Residents Inclusion Champion (1) (pdf)

spacefundingrpt_fy21q4_updated (xlsx)

JiaJie Diao (pdf)

Step-by-Step Instructions for the CCB Masters Degree Program Admission Application (2022) (pdf)

9.10.2021 UC CAR Weekly Newsletter (pdf)

MPH Newsletter Fall 2021 (September) (pdf)

Checklist for Domestic Students (pdf)

MHP FY22 UCP Comp Plan Department Addendum FY21 - 07-27-2021 FINAL Signed (pdf)

21-22 Tax Waiver Statement (pdf)

private-educational-loan-request-form (pdf)

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