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Vascular & Interventional Radiology

What is a Vascular & Interventional Radiologist?

Interventional radiologists are physicians who specialize in minimally invasive procedures. They use fluoroscopy, computed tomography (CT), ultrasound and other imaging to direct needles, catheters, balloons, stents and electrodes to provide targeted treatments. Interventional radiologists have invented commonly used procedures today, such as angioplasty and stent placement. These physicians continue to invent procedures and innovate techniques to accomplish care for a wide variety of diseases.

Many interventional radiology procedures that we perform in our department today were once only possible with open surgery. Interventional radiology treatments provide the advantage of lower risk, pain and recovery time compared to previously used techniques. Procedures in interventional radiology are performed with comfort since local anesthesia, IV moderate sedation and general anesthesia are available and utilized as needed for a given procedure.

Our Goals:

We provide procedural and consultative services to patient and their referring clinicians. Our services involve state-of-the-art, innovative and compassionate care for our patients.

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You can read about current research studies at UC Radiology, including studies in Interventional Radiology, at UC Radiology Research.

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