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The University of Cincinnati Section of Neuroradiology consists of faculty dedicated to the clinical practice of neurologic imaging and minimally invasive procedures.

We work in close collaboration with the Mayfield Clinic group, Precision Radiotherapy, and UC Department of Neurology, as well as other specialties and community physicians in the care of patients who have disease processes and symptoms related to the head, brain, spine, neck, face and orbits.

We also work closely with endovascular neurosurgery to provide care and treatment for aneurysms, vascular malformations, stroke and other vascular pathology. Pain management procedures related to the spine are also performed.

We use state of the art imaging equipment such as CT, MRI, and digital subtraction angiography (DSA) including 3D rotational angiography to diagnose and sometimes treat a wide variety of neurologic conditions. Our versatile PACS system and voice recognition dictation system allow rapid and accurate reporting and filmless image management that can be viewed and interpreted anywhere by our skilled staff. This allows flexibility and minimizes turnaround time.

While advanced multi-slice CT scanners are present in most healthcare facilities nationwide, our practice strives to be on the cutting edge of imaging diagnosis by using the most current protocols and regular incorporation of new techniques, as well as active participation in many national meetings and interdisciplinary conferences. Advanced CT imaging such as CT perfusion and high quality CT angiography is used in the diagnosis and management of rare vascular disorders such as Moya-Moya Disease in close collaboration with the Mayfield Clinic neurosurgeons.

As a tertiary referral center for highly complex neoplastic and neuro-otologic conditions, we are experts in the performance and interpretation of head and neck imaging.

A team approach is utilized for management of these patients, with weekly ENT tumor board and monthly neurotology conference. The University of Cincinnati Medical Center is also a level I trauma center that draws in complex traumatic pathology from a wide area.

UC Neuroradiology also provides expertise in advanced neuroimaging for brain tumors, including MR perfusion, MR spectroscopy, functional MRI and diffusion tensor tractography. In collaboration with UC Neuroscience Institute and the UC brain tumor center, we provide a multimodal algorithm utilizing noninvasive neuroimaging and their coregistration into surgical neuronavigational systems used in presurgical and radiotherapy planning.

Information regarding research and clinical interests of each faculty member can be found in the professional summary for each faculty member.


Current research projects include use of iodine contrast in stroke by Drs. Morales and Tomsick, and the ongoing IMS III(Interventional Management of Stroke) trial by Dr. Tomsick which evaluates combined intravenous and local intraarterial rTPA for acute stroke therapy.

Other information regarding research and clinical interests of each faculty member can be found in the professional summary for each faculty member.

You can read about current research studies at UC Radiology, including studies in Neuroradiology, at UC Radiology Research

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The American College of Radiology (ACR) and the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) provide descriptions of various procedures relating to the Musculoskeletal (MSK) System on their jointly developed site,

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