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Class of 2024

Ngoc Mai
Ngoc "Khanh" Mai, MD

Khanh emigrated with her family from Vietnam to the US at the age of four. She is a first-generation college graduate and received her undergraduate degree in Pre-Professional Science and Psychology from the University of Notre Dame. During her undergraduate time she worked as a research assistant in the Sleep, Stress, and Memory Lab where she participated in studies that explored how stress and sleep impact memory. As a medical student Khanh served in multiple leadership roles for the SHARING student run free clinic, as a student recruitment ambassador, and as a teaching assistant for first through third-year students. Her dedication towards serving others was recognized through election into the Gold Humanism Honor Society during medical school. We are thrilled to have such a service-minded individual joining our program!

Why I Chose Cincinnati?
My priorities for a med-peds program included a stand-alone children's hospital, a healthy environment to learn in, and a strong med-peds presence. Cincy impressed me by having all of that and more! Cincy has a combined med-peds clinic and not just one but multiple Med-Peds rotations. Both categorical program directors invested time and effort into the interview day too, exemplifying the great partnership between the programs. On interview day, the warmth of the residents and program leaders, the dedication to medical education, and the strong med-peds presence solidified my decision. By the end of the interview, I was confident that Cincy Med Peds would mold me into a skilled, and happy, physician.

Kristen Peterson
Kristen Peterson, MD

Kristen earner her BS in Biology from the University of Tennessee where she did research on lentiviral transduction techniques of oncogene vectors and synthetic tumor-targeting proteins during her time there. As medical student at UTHSC, Kristen served as president of the local AMSA chapter and as president of Memphis Street Health, an organization that provides foot care for a local shelter as well as educational activities on the cross-section between poverty and health. She also served as a tutor for Student Academic Support Services as a medical student. In recognition of her academic excellence and service activities, Kristen was elected to the AOA and Gold Humanism Honor Societies. We are honored to have such a dedicated and talented leader joining our program!

Why I Chose Cincinnati?
Throughout my interview season, I was searching for a program that would be academically rigorous with thoughtful attention paid to resident education and well-being. During the interview day, Dr. Warm gave us a presentation that showed (instead of listed) how Cincinnati does education, and I knew in that moment that this was the place for me. Additionally, all the people were welcoming, kind, and thoughtful. I had misplaced my car the morning of my interview and the program directors and program coordinator were intent on finding it for me so I didn’t need to worry about something else on interview day! (Luckily, I just parked one floor higher than I remembered AND Cincy still wanted me to train here!)

Jesus Ramirez
Jesus “Aaron” Ramirez, MD, MPH

After completing his undergraduate degree in Biochemistry and Biological Sciences at Virginia Tech, Aaron worked as a post-baccalaureate researcher at the NIH within the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. Following, he worked as a research associate for VCU Health System’s Antibiotic Stewardship Program. As a medical student at VCU School of Medicine he spent the year in between his 3rd and 4th years pursing an MPH at Johns Hopkins during which he worked on several projects related to the web-based HIV-ASSIST decision support tool that couples HIV education with decision support for antiretroviral therapy. We are excited to have such a dedicated public health advocate and researcher joining our ranks!

Why I Chose Cincinnati?
The University of Cincinnati Med-Peds program seemed like a phenomenal program because of their commitment to high-quality education and a leadership team that displayed a willingness to innovative. Another factor that further cemented my view of the program was meeting residents during my interview day that seemed happy and well rested. They shared stories about their participation in advocacy, global health, research, and educational experiences. I could tell the residents remained passionate about their career choices. Residents were diverse, and those from out of town seemed to enjoy the time they had spent in Cincinnati. It was easy to see myself in their shoes and I had hoped to be a part of a program that provided these opportunities to me.

Ginny Russell
Ginny Russell, MD

Ginny grew up in rural Louisiana and earned a full academic scholarship to Louisiana State University, where she was a first-generation college graduate. Following, she pursued an MPH at LSUHSC and then after graduation she worked as a patient navigator for an HIV clinic in New Orleans. As a medical student at LSU School of Medicine she has served as pharmacy director of the LSUHSC Student Run Homeless Clinic and Treasurer of her medical school class, in addition to being an active member of numerous other organizations and activities. In recognition of her outstanding educational performance and leadership, she was elected to the AOA Honor Society. It is an honor to have such a tremendous leader and patient advocate joining our residency program!

Why I Chose Cincinnati?
Before interview season started, I knew Cincinnati would be one of my top choices with its equally strong categorical programs and established Med-Peds presence, but from the moment I arrived on Cincinnati’s campus, I was hooked. The residents at the interview dinner were so fun, welcoming, and made me feel at home, and were clearly a close-knit group of friends who care deeply about the program. The program leadership blew me away with their strong focus on medical education as well as how involved they were with the residents. I knew that I would not only receive excellent training here, but would have the support to achieve my career goals. Plus, Cincinnati is a cute, funky city with tons of green space, three professional sports teams, and just the right amount of snow!

Maria Siow
Maria Siow, MD

Maria completed her undergraduate degree is Biomedical Sciences at Auburn University where she did research in a kinesiology lab on the impact of motion-controlled video games on engagement and its influence on learning. As a medical student at the University of South Alabama College of Medicine she served as a representative for the college’s LCME site visit, founded the student wellness committee, and was elected by her classmates to serve as an Aid to Impaired Medical Students. As a member of her medical school’s curriculum committee she helped to incorporate implicit association tests into the clinical skills curriculum. In recognition of her scholarly and service excellence, she was elected to both the AOA and Gold Humanism Honor Societies. We are blessed to have an advocate for both wellness and equity joining our residency program!

Why I Chose Cincinnati?
When I was looking at residency programs, I knew I wanted a program where the residents supported each other, where I had access to fellowship programs, where there was a strong emphasis on medical education, and lastly in a city that I could have a yard for my dog. Cincinnati Med Peds far exceeded everything I was looking for. I remember being impressed with how many interns were at my interview dinner and how they all seemed so relaxed and at home with each other. In my own biased opinion, I cannot think of a better program for someone interested in medical education. Outside of work, Cincinnati is a really fun city with so much good food and still affordable enough for me to buy a house with a yard.

Stephanie Thomas
Stephanie Thomas, MD

Hailing from our home medical school, Stephanie received her undergraduate degree in Molecular Biology from Princeton University. Following undergrad she worked as medical scribe in California before coming to Cincinnati. As a medical student Stephanie has been involved with numerous service organizations supporting underserved and at-risk populations in the greater Cincinnati area, including MedVoUC, UC Med Mentors, Camp Cardiac, and she even Chaired the Service Learning Advisory Committee. In addition, Stephanie has been an active member of numerous diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts here at UCCOM, including serving as a Student Ambassador and VP of the Student National Medical Association. She has also been involved in a number of other activities and organizations aimed at increasing underrepresented minorities in higher education and medicine. Stephanie was also selected by the faculty to serve as a voting member of UCCOM’s Admissions Committee. In recognition of her service to the community and her dedication to UCCOM, she was elected to the Gold Humanism Honor Society. We are blessed to have such a dedicated advocate and wise mentor joining our program!

Why I Chose Cincinnati?
I chose Cincinnati for a variety of reasons, most of which could be summed up in one word - Balance. In true Med-Peds fashion, I wanted a little bit of everything: a strong, innovative Medicine Program to balance a powerhouse Pediatrics Program, a focus on medical education for myself along with healthcare quality improvement for my patients, leadership that could inspire their residents to be better while supporting them in the task to improve, and a patient population that ranges from uninsured/underserved to more affluent with everything in between. Cincinnati literally had it all, plus parks, sports, art, history, views, GREAT food…I could go on! But the biggest draw for me, was that the residents really were there for one another and actually liked each other. I had the opportunity to work with a number of residents and faculty from the Med-Peds Program as a medical student. The down to earth residents that I met at my pre-interview dinner were the same ones that I knew I could ask for help during my rotations. Knowing that support was there in and out of the hospital meant everything to me and I am so happy I get to be a part of this Cincinnati Med-Peds Family.

Lisa Younk
Lisa Younk, MD

Lisa completed her undergraduate degree at Central Michigan University in Health Fitness in Preventative and Rehabilitative Programs. Following graduation, she worked as an exercise physiologist at Central Michigan Community Hospital and then as a Wellness Specialist at a YMCA. In 2008 she left to take a position first at Vanderbilt and then the University of Maryland Baltimore as a Clinical Research Specialist. She was involved in research that focused on the hormonal, metabolic, and cardiovascular responses to hypoglycemia and exercise in patients with type 1 and 2 diabetes. Her participation in research required her to write IRB proposals, maintain databases, train staff, and publish results. This work resulted in an impressive 24 peer-reviewed publications! As a medical student Lisa was involved in curriculum reform working groups, helped to establish a community garden in an underserved neighborhood, and developed a healthy food curriculum for a local school. In recognition of her academic and service excellence, she was elected to the AOA honor and Gold Humanism Honor societies. We are very fortunate to have such a skilled researcher with many diverse talents joining our program!

Why I Chose Cincinnati?
 The first thing I noticed and was drawn to on my interview day was the upbeat, enthusiastic culture of the program. Everyone works hard and is passionate about their work, while sharing a positivity that is infectious! It made me feel like this would be a family with whom I would want to share both my good days and my bad days and they would be there to celebrate and support me. Additionally, they are clear about their commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion among employees and providing culturally- and socioeconomically-informed care for patients. With an interest in medical education, I was also drawn to their pursuits and achievements as medical educators. Even the med-peds noon conference on my interview day was about FOAMed (free online medical education). I am excited about the internal medicine academic half days, the well-organized medical education available through The Silver Fridge website, the medical education track, and the assessment system, which focuses on tangible proficiencies. There is a commitment to innovation and quality improvement here. At the interview, they demonstrated a willingness to design and implement new processes to improve workflow and patient care, but also to evaluate and scrutinize those new processes to determine what works and what can be made better. There are also ongoing efforts to optimize and leverage the capabilities of the EMR to improve patient care and outcomes, which is really exciting. I also liked many aspects of their continuity clinic. First, it's a combined med-peds clinic with med-peds preceptors! Second, they care for an underserved population with complex medical and social issues and have integrated many services into the clinic to help maximize the care of their patients. Third, they are utilizing the Centering model (supervised group care and education that promotes social support among participants) for patients with chronic diseases such as hypertension. And finally, there were several factors that seemed like they would make my residency life just a little bit easier and more enjoyable. The adult hospital, children's hospital, VA, and continuity clinic are all within walking distance on one campus. Free food is abundant. They have a program coordinator and a fifth year chief resident. And I like the medium cohort size of seven residents per year, who all start on internal medicine and switch together every four months. I think this will promote a special cohesiveness through our shared experience. All together, I believe this program offers everything I need to thrive personally and professionally. After living in the area for a month now, I can also add that the Cincinnati area is beautiful and packed with parks, museums, music venues, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and wonderful people that promise a fun, exciting, and inspiring four years.

Jennifer K. O'Toole, MD, MEd, SFHM
Program Director
Phone: 513-558-4074

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