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Our Support Network For Residents

Our faculty, the Med-Peds and categorical chief residents, are key support people and mentors. However, the most important support network is always your fellow residents. Some other key features that help our residents adjust to and thrive during residency are detailed below.


Ample Access to Mentors 

Here in Cincinnati we have Med-Peds graduates in almost any professional capacity across our academic health center. This offers us the ability to connect our Med-Peds residents with mentor support for any career interest that they may have. While the program leadership serves as your main residency mentors making sure you are progressing, growing, and meeting all necessary milestones, we can also help facilitate mentor connections with other faculty for clinical, research, career, or life advice. You will never be alone or go without support here in Cincy!


Dedicated Med-Peds Chief Residents

We have a dedicated 5th year Med-Peds chief resident who is responsible for helping coordinate your needs and schedule between the categorical programs. This extra position allows us to support our residents on a more personal level and make sure that their needs and goals are being met during residency. The chief provides support to residents in numerous ways: coordinating educational sessions and content, creating your block schedule based on your personal goals, and coaching the intern class.

Major Transitions During Residency

We recognize that early on in your residency transitioning from internal medicine to pediatrics (and vice versa), the first team leading experience, and the start of your 4th year (as you are searching for jobs or fellowships) can be stressful times. Therefore, we have special activities during these times of transition, including class dinners and re-orientations that we plan annually to help support and encourage our residents.

Intern Retreats

There are Intern retreats with both internal medicine and pediatrics. These retreats consist of a few days out of the hospital (with no pagers or clinical responsibilities!) that allow you the opportunity to enjoy time with your colleagues and to work off the stress of intern year! Many of our residents also choose to coordinate with their classes to request time off for “Med-Peds” Retreat, which your chief would help coordinate.


We recognize that moving to a different city is a big deal. Orientation is a (paid!) two-week extravaganza that introduces you to the ins-and-outs of the Med-Peds residency as well as your categorical internal medicine and pediatric programs. Our goal during this time is to set incoming interns for success both (1) in their jobs, but also (2) creating a community and support network in which they can thrive.

There are a number of team-building and social activities for the interns, including a ropes course, a visit to the zoo, roof top happy hours, a scavenger hunt, a cocktail party at the Newport aquarium, numerous picnics, and other fun activities.

Resident Associations & Support Groups

We are proud to have numerous affinity and support groups for our residents here in Cincinnati! You can read more about these groups below. 

Cincinnati Resident Associations & Support Groups




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